I Tried a $400 "Hair Vacuum," and My Hair Was Sleek and Straight in 15 Minutes

Get ready to dry your hair like never before.

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Vacuum Hair Dryer
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I'm no stranger to spending my money on countless tools in the hopes of attaining the hair of my dreams — only to spend an hour or two frying my strands to a crisp and breaking a sweat over the heat. With thick, wavy hair that I bleach a couple times a year, I'm always searching for ways to style it that cut back on time and damage. So when I had the opportunity to test the RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer, it seemed as though my prayers were answered.

After reading the reviews from customers claiming their hair looked and felt healthier, and was straight in just 10 minutes, I decided to see for myself just how good the only blow dryer I've seen that resembles a vacuum could be.

RevAir Reverse Air Dryer

RevAir uses a 'Reverse-Air' process, meaning the dryer keeps all the warmth within the wand rather than blowing it directly onto your scalp, making the experience sweat-free. It applies minimally damaging heat to your hair, while straightening and smoothing out cuticles, giving you sleek, shiny hair. It claims to dry your hair three times faster than a normal blow dryer, and doesn't require the additional help of a brush. The most peculiar part is the long vacuum tube that connects the wand to the base. It extends far enough that you can conveniently hold the wand at a distance, yet it doesn't add much weight when in use.

If the whole experience sounds intimidating, you wouldn't be completely off. The RevAir is very bulky and heavy, so much so I needed a messenger to pick it up from my office and transport it to my apartment for me. From there, I had to figure out where to store it that wasn't in the middle of my living room. If you don't live in a tiny NYC apartment with two roommates like me, you're already a step ahead.

While all the parts of the dryer look complicated at first glance, it took less than five minutes for me to assemble it all. I was surprised at not only how fast it dried each section of my hair, but with how sleek it left each strand. I was apprehensive it would pull my hair, but I never felt a thing (including the heat!) My hair didn't feel damaged or dry like it does after a normal blow-dry, but instead retained softness and volume. From towel-dried hair to straight silkiness, the process really did take all of 15 minutes.

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The $400-plus price tag is nearly half my rent, and the dryer is bigger than I would prefer. But the RevAir could be an investment if you have an extremely difficult time styling your strands, enabling you to get more sleep and have great hair.

For some Amazon reviewers, this dryer is an absolute must in their routines.

"My wife has been looking at this for a few weeks and I bought her one," writes one Amazon customer. "She has curly hair and when she blow dries it, it gets real crazy and then she has to flat iron it for 30 minutes. With the RevAir she is done with her hair in 10 minutes, saving about 45 minutes a day."

"This thing had my entire head dry in 10 minutes," writes another. "I was amazed. I could then style with heat wand and move on with my life. No more walking around for hours with wet hair and styling it four hours after a shower. Couldn't love it more."

Since my first time using the RevAir, it has moved into a new home right next to my bedroom mirror. I've incorporated it into my regular nighttime routine, and rejoice in how much faster I can hop into bed after a long day with my hair ready to go for the morning.

RevAir Reverse Air Dryer

Say goodbye to your old blow dryer and shop the RevAir for $100 off on the brand's official site.

To buy: $299 (Originally $439); revair.com

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