The Splurge is our new weekly column dedicated to expensive beauty products that are actually worth it. This week, why we're rebuying Rahua's natural hair oil, despite the $42 price tag. 

By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Nov 26, 2018 @ 10:15 am
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It's a tale as old as time, as far as this website is concerned: I bleached my hair, and nursing it back to health has been a hellish experience. Thankfully, the dry, brittle, damaged ends are almost cured, and Rahua's 100 percent natural Amazon Hair Oil deserves all the credit.

I came across the $42 oil while doing some research on clean, non-toxic haircare products and decided it wouldn't hurt to use my own hair as a guinea pig. It also didn't hurt that I had grown frustrated with the hair oil I had been using; It wasn't doing anything at all, other than giving me an extra step in the morning.

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So it's actually a blend of five different oils sourced from the Amazon, including the hero "rahua oil," which is extracted from an ungurahua nut and has been used for centuries by Amazonian women to strengthen and nurture their hair. The four other components are morete oil, which provides UV protection, sacha inchi oil, which conditions and moisturizes, aloe to smooth and add shine, and gardenia flower oil, which provides a sweet, natural fragrance.

Together, the ingredients create a gold-colored, fast-absorbing, and shockingly lightweight oily liquid that's meant to be applied from mid-lengths to the ends. You can use it daily to speed up your hair's recovery process, or really whenever you want to add a little more moisture to your hair.

I usually work a blueberry-sized amount through my hands before applying it to my damp hair, from mid-lengths to ends. Then, I follow up by blow-drying. I was pleased with how smooth and flyaway-free my hair dried the first time I used it, and after about four more uses, I started to notice that my hair felt less dry and even looked healthier. Now, I try to use it about three times a week after my washes.

I have incredibly fine hair and have to be extra careful with how much cream- and oil-based styling products I use, otherwise my hair will fall flat in seconds and look super oily. This product absorbs into the hair shaft very quickly and doesn't leave a waxy or oily coating on the hair.

At $42 per 1.6 fl oz., the obvious downside is that this hair oil is undeniably expensive. But hey, if you're sick of the ramifications of bleaching your hair or you're not getting any results from your current routine, trust me, it is worth. that. splurge.