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R+Co Dry Shampoo
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The way people talk about finding a good dry shampoo can easily be mistaken for a discussion about the latest dating app. It can take a lot of trial-and-error, a lot of near-traumatic mishaps before you land somewhere comfortable. In the case of dry shampoo, you'll run through a lot of chalky, sticky, or heavy ones before finding a match for your lifestyle (and hair goals). Once you land on that just right dry shampoo—on that mops up excess oil, dirt, and adds volume without leaving any powdery residue—be prepared to be in a long-term relationship with it.

Only that kind of long-term, everlasting love can explain the bonkers popularity of R+Co's Death Valley Dry Shampoo ($30; Beauty editors and everyday denizens of good hair, alike, can't stop buying the stuff. Just how committed are we all to this particular spray? One can of it is sold every four minutes.

And for good reason: The formula does more than just hide your hair's days-old dirtiness. It lifts the roots and gives ends a piece-y, messy texture, which you may know is pretty tough to achieve when you're stretching your blowout for days at a time. If you prefer to wear your hair up in a braid or bun, Death Valley, spritzed on before you put your hair up, will add just the right amount of grip to help the style hold. It's almost like calling this product a dry shampoo minimizes the million other things it can do for you.

"Not only does R+Co Death Valley effectively absorb oils and impurities to keep hair fresh, it also adds immediate volume and body without drying out strands," Howard McLaren, cofounder and creative director of R+Co tells InStyle of the fan-favorite formula. They specifically added ingredients that other options don't have, to make their product stand out in a very crowded dry-shampoo market. "Our formulation contains botanical proteins and vitamins that strengthen and nourish hair," McLaren says. It also makes dull, second-day hair super shiny.

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McLaren says that the dry shampoo was one of the first products the brand came up with, and was inspired by the film Zabriskie Point, based in the Death Valley desert. So that explains the photographic desert motif on the bottle.

Whether or not you're anywhere near an actual desert, this dry shampoo guarantees that you don't need water to have a good hair day.