This Genius $9 Product Makes My Hair Dry So Much Faster

And keeps my curls healthy and strong.

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These Towel Scrunchies Make My Hair Dry So Much Faster
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As someone with very porous, curly hair, every shower means hours of sopping wet hair. I'm not about to change my air-drying ways, since I love my hair 90 percent of the time, but it gets tedious to fend off questions about whether or not it's raining when I walk in with dripping hair. So I've embraced the lifeline of curl-friendly drying aids, and Kitsch's Eco-Friendly Towel Scrunchies are one of my essentials.

If you have thick hair, you're probably familiar with the song and dance of trying to speed up the drying process, and I'm happy to say that Kitsch's invention keeps my pillows and shirts from getting soaked as it absorbs excess moisture. Like a more versatile microfiber hair turban, the organic cotton and bamboo fibers suck up a sizable amount of water — meaning that even as I throw my hair up in a bun, it's hard at work.

The scrunchie's soft, oversized nature also means its secure hold rarely dents my curls or adds to breakage, so it's truly a perfect solution. At Ulta, other people are similarly impressed: One fan praised the highly absorbent accessory for keeping their hair "healthy and strong," and multiple reviewers said that wearing it before blow drying cuts their dry time in half.

Kitsch Eco-Friendly Towel Scrunchies

Shop now: $9;

Some people swear they're never going back to using a regular towel on their hair, since the lightweight scrunchie "definitely" creates less frizz. I'm in the same boat: Between the reduced drying time, the way it keeps water from dripping down my neck, and its usefulness as just a regular hair tie, the Eco-Friendly Towel Scrunchie is one of my most trusted companions.

Get Kitsch's Eco-Friendly Towel Scrunchie for $9 at Ulta.

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