Shoppers With Thin Hair Call This $18 Conditioning Mist "Magic" for Beach Waves

And I'm no longer beholden to wash day for great curls.

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Shoppers With Thin Hair Call This Conditioning Mist "Magic" for Beach Waves
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If there's a walking gem of a person, it's Jonathan Van Ness. The Queer Eye darling, podcast host, author, and comedian got his start as a hairdresser, so after trying a few free samples from his line for the past two months, I've been impressed (but not surprised) by how thoroughly thoughtful the products are. That especially goes for JVN's new Complete Conditioning Mist, a multitasker that lends my natural curls days of life — and which gives fine-haired reviewers top-shelf beach waves.

As someone with 3b ringlets, I've come up with a few tricks over the years to extend how long I can go between wash days (I love to shower, but I never want to feel like I have to shower, you know?). My biggest challenge is curls turning puffy and undefined, and I've found that spritzing on the conditioning mist before putting my hair up with a scrunchie at night effectively tames down the bulk, reforms my spirals, and keeps them glossy.

Per the brand, that's thanks to the formula's use of hemisqualane — an all-star ingredient that JVN touts as even better than silicones for adding softness and shine since it penetrates the hair shaft to moisturize. Tremella mushroom extract and hyaluronic acid lend more hydration, while a polymer derived from brassica seed helps detangle in a nice score for green chemistry. It's almost impossible to find detanglers that don't rely on quaternary ammonium compounds, which some scientists call for limiting whenever possible, so this is a rarity.

COMPLETE Conditioning Mist

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Since launching in late June, the spray has racked up around 250 glowing reviews from people across the hair type spectrum. Those with fine, color-treated strands said it kept their beach waves looking fresh and frizz-free for days, and someone with thin curls agreed it's "magic" for refreshing slept-on hair. One shopper with coily tresses raved that the mist made it easy to take out and detangle their protective box braids, and another fan said the light, but quenching texture is a savior for flakiness.

"My usually dry scalp and hair has looked more hydrated, and visibly less dry," a penultimate reviewer said. And a last person confirmed what I know to be true: In the face of humidity- and bedhead-caused chaos, it restored "silky soft" peace in the land. If you'd like to try the moisturizing, wave-encouraging JVN Complete Conditioning Mist that I swear by, get it for $18 at the brand's website.

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