Her stylist spilled his secrets—and for that we are seriously thankful. 
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Gigi Hadid Hair Product - LEAD
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There are moments in life where you find things out and are like, "I simply cannot keep this information to myself." It's just too good. A shout it from the rooftops moment, if you will.

Recently, this precise phenomenon happened to me. I had the pleasure of getting the Hadid treatment from Gigi's very own hair stylist, Kenna Kennor. But not only that—he also gave me the skinny on the products he loves to use on her to give her that hair. Read on to find out why this shampoo and conditioner is going to give you the supermodel hair of your dreams.

What It's Called:

Iles Formula Discovery Pack

What It Will Set You Back:

Oh, just a few fancy cold-pressed juices and maybe a gluten-free goodie... or $24; sephora.com

What Makes It Special:

The shampoo, conditioner, and serum were made to work together, all for the purpose of delivering you lovely textured hair, no matter if it is damaged or not. And if this is your bag, it's sulfate and paraben free, too.

Who’s It For?

This line is made to work for all hair types—no stress or confusion for whether it will work for you.

When to Use It:

When you need a wash and want that good texture that's actually your own hair texture. Feel me?

What It Feels Like:

It has a lovely creamy lather! It's nourishing, but very light.

What It Smells Like:

Gentle and delicate.

What the Internet Is Saying:

What the Experts Are Saying:
"My formulas are for every hair type, but the more damaged a head of hair, the more amazing the results are because you really see the immediate repair happening. But they do work very well for ALL hair types, so I didn’t want to complicate that simplicity of choice. I was right as customers get overwhelmed by choice and tell me all the time how they love that the range is small and works for all," says Iles formula founder, Wendy Iles.