Living Proof Dry Shampoo
Credit: Art by Elysia Berman

One of the downsides of being born with fine hair is that it gets dirtier a whole lot faster than thicker hair. Or rather, in my case, despite having the driest skin known to man, I have an oily scalp (I know, gross, but I'm going there). Unlike my thicker haired friends, of whom I will be forever jealous, I have to wash my hair much more often, because well, greasy hair just isn't acceptable. Behold a ghastly "before" image from a morning I hit snooze too many times:

Living Proof Dry Shampoo Test Image
Credit: Courtesy of the author

Dry shampoo has always helped, but normally it stretches me so I can wash every other day. That's all well and good, but as far as I'm concerned I hadn't found a dry shampoo that was a game changer. Every formulation had some sort of drawback or imperfection. And I most certainly couldn't use it after working out in the morning before going to the office. That is, until now.

Thats right you guys, Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo just changed the dry shampoo game. Their newest product, which launches on September 6th is a dry shampoo spritz that is unlike any other I have ever tried. And I've tried a lot of dry shampoos. Firstly, it is stellar at absorbing oil and sweat, but the best part about it is, it's really easy to shake out of your hair. So, even though it's a white powder, I don't get a white cast on my hair.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo After
Credit: Courtesy of the author

Even better, the scent isn't overpowering. It actually has a time released scent technology that prevents your hair from smelling overly pungent. And don't get me wrong I love me some texturizing products, but this dry shampoo doesn't have the grit that other similar products have. That's because it has the unique technology that allows it to be brushed out almost entirely after it has absorbed dirt, oil and sweat. Simply put, it leaves your hair, well, there's no other word for it but clean. And to give you an idea of just how clean, I've body showered, and extended my time between washing my hair to two whole days. I've even used it after squeezing in a workout before a going away party and no-one was the wiser that I had been a hot sweaty mess, but 30 minutes before (when I strode in almost two hours late). Honestly, my next challenge is to see how long I can go between washes while using this product.

For the woman (or man) on the go, crammed with a busy schedule and trying to lead an active life, this product is everything. Seriously, go and grab it. You won't know how you lived without it.

Living Proof PHD Dry Shampoo is available at $22, and on Travel-size product will be available for $12.