Hair Fragrance
Credit: Getty

Having both fine and frizzy hair can be a bit of a catch-22: Do nothing and you may be left with a halo of static and frayed ends. Slick on too many smoothing products and your hair can turn limp and lifeless. Turns out, the solution lies in one single step: Your blow-dry.

If you have fine-medium hair, work in a small amount of featherweight oil while it’s damp, like Moroccan Oil Treatment Light ($44;, says L.A. stylist Bridget Brager, who works with Kate Bosworth. If your hair is super-fine and prone to deflation, skip oils and creams and mist on a silicone-free formula like Living Proof’s version (Weightless Styling Spray, $37;

As you blow-dry strands, aim your dryer down the hair shaft, which helps smooth the cuticle, says Brager. When strands are about 90 to 95 percent dry, mist with hairspray, suggests L.A. Stylist Giannandrea, who likes Macadamia Professional Flex Hold Shaping Spray ($25; Then finish your blowout. “The hairspray gives strands some grip and hold, so they’re less likely to frizz,” he says. Finish off each section with a cold-shot of air. “It helps the close the cuticle so there’s less chance strands will absorb moisture from the environment,” he says.