By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Jun 09, 2016 @ 6:45 pm
Bed Head Volume Finishing Spray
Credit: Courtesy

It’s no secret that I’m slightly addicted to curling my hair. It’s also no secret — my friends can confirm — that I’m addicted to complaining about my hair dropping and losing my waves throughout the day.

It’s a never-ending cycle. I stock volumizing products in my shower, use the hell out of root lift spray, and basically hoard texture and hairspray all in effort to give my hair the kind of volume and defined waves you’d see in shampoo ad.

I’ve come to understand that my hair is naturally straight, and it’s often going to revert back to that after two 40 minute commutes on a crowded, muggy subway, but I’ll never stop my quest to find a product that helps me keep my waves for longer than my morning edit meeting.

And thank god I didn’t. I’ve found a few game-changing products by keeping my hopes up (shout out to Living Proof’s flexible formula), but recently found yet another hairspray that gives me the hold I need to keep my waves in tact but also boosts volume.

Literally, my dream. You can ask my best friend — I ask for the most voluminous hairstyle on the menu every time we go and get blowouts.

So let me tell you about TIGI’s Bed Head Full of It Volume Finishing Hairspray ($23;, from the brand’s new Volume Superheroes Collection.

It’s a new launch from the brand that’s known for its standout performance backstage at New York Fashion Week, and it’s worth a spot on your top shelf.

After curling my hair with my wand and gently separating the ringlets, I flipped my head over and lightly sprayed this all over my hair. I recommend a good 10 inches away so you don’t drench your strands—that’s when that annoying, sticky, hard hair thing happens.

Smelled great, and I noticed within a few minutes that my hairstyle was secure.

I got to work and my waves were still 100 percent visible. At lunch time, my coworker told me I was having a particularly great hair day. Ah, the product was still working!

At 6 PM, I glanced in the mirror to still find an impressive amount of volume and, yes, almost all the loose curls I started the day with.

Waves all day? Apparently it’s possible.