This At-Home Hair Smoothing Treatment Keeps Me Frizz-Free Between Salon Appointments

At a fraction of the price of a professional service.

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Gussi Hair Treatment
Photo: Amazon/ Gussi

One's hair journey is a deeply personal thing. My naturally wavy hair has been put through everything from worrisome, hours-long straightening treatments to weeks of curly girl method practice with little to show for it. It wasn't until I visited celebrity hair stylist Jenna Perry's New York City salon that I discovered there was a happy middle ground.

A new guard of keratin treatments promise to tamper down frizz without compromising your curl pattern. The Lasio One-Day Formula used at Jenna Perry Hair smooths the follicle for up to four months, in some cases reducing curl by up to 90 percent.

Annual keratin appointments at the beginning of summer have become a necessary part of my routine, however given the high cost of the salon visits — around $400 for the service — I certainly let the effects fully fade before a re-up.

One newcomer to the beauty space is exactly the solution I've been looking for, whether I knew it or not: Gussi, the first-ever at-home keratin treatment, purports to put all the benefits of a pricy salon treatment in your own hands. Already several months out from my last professional appointment, I could see the unruly nature of my flippy strands start to reawaken; it felt like as good a time as ever to put this new system to the test.

Gussi Haircare At-Home Keratin Treatment Kit

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A box containing a small priming shampoo, squeeze-spray treatment bottle, maintenance shampoo and conditioner duo, and a clear one-sheet instruction page sent me off on my journey to retame my lengths.

I began by scrubbing my scalp and hair thoroughly with the clarifying shampoo, designed to strip hair of any leftover product or excess oil so that the treatment can best penetrate. After rinsing and towel-drying, I proceeded to section off my hair based on the recommendation of the instruction sheet (four sections for thin, shoulder-length hair). With the treatment spray bottle angling downwards, I applied around nine spritzes to each section, combing through to distribute evenly. Fifteen minutes later, once the formula had sufficiently set, I lightly rinsed my hair again in the shower, being sure to leave in a "still-slippery" amount of product.

Exactly like in the salon, the next steps involved fully blow-drying my hair and then very carefully flat-ironing it from root to tip. Unlike some professional appointments, what came next was a fantastic surprise. Rather than having to wait hours or even days until exercising, putting my hair into a ponytail, or bringing my hair into contact with water, the Gussi system gave me the go-ahead to do all of those things immediately.

The quick and simple at-home solution instantly brought civility back to my insolent, frizz-inclined waves, without so much as a salon chair in sight. While I'll still keep my once-yearly appointments to get ahead of that nasty summer humidity, I'm enormously relieved to know I have Gussi to turn to for quick and effective upkeep.

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