These 8 Editor-Approved Claw Clips Transform Bad Hair Days

Muior Rectangle Claw Clips from Amazon make stylish updos a breeze.

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Best Claw Clips
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Does anyone wear normal ponytails anymore? Based on what I see from friends, coworkers, and celebrities like Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber, the answer is no. Claw clips have officially taken over.

"We went from high buns to scrunchies to now claw clips," says celebrity hairstylist Laura Polko, who styles everyone from Emma Chamberlain to the D'Amelio's. "There is that ease — you can throw up your hair and it looks cool and if you take it down, there aren't creases."

I used to scoff at the claw clip when my mom wore them back in the '90s. Now, I feel lame using something as banal as a black elastic to tie my hair back. With all the options out there, it can be hard to discern what exists purely for looks versus what actually holds your hair in place. Designers like Alexandre de Paris and Balmain Hair Couture crafted high-end versions, while Amazon offers all sorts of shapes, colors, and sizes for a fraction of the price. To help you find the best claw clips for your hair type, I interviewed celebrity hair stylists, beauty influencers, and InStyle staffers (we are big claw clip fans here). I even tried a few myself to ensure they truly stay put without pulling your hair. We named Muior Rectangle Claw Clips as Best Overall because they are the ideal combination of fashion and function — they lock down your hairdo, don't tug, and look exactly like those colorful clips you see at boutiques for twice the price.

Forget the scrunchies and the headbands — claw clips below are the only hair accessory you need.

Best Overall: Muior Rectangle Claw Clips

Muior Rectangle Claw Clips

What We Like: Stylish, durable, and effective, these clips are an incredible value.

What We Don't Like: Some reviewers wish they were bigger, but our team of testers didn't have problems on both medium and long hair.

If you want a dupe for all those pricey claw clips you see at boutiques from high-end brands, check out this value pack from Amazon. InStyle commerce writer Caitlyn Martyn received this set for Christmas after her mom saw the same design at a boutique for a much higher price. "You get a ton for a pretty cheap price, and the best part is that they are really high quality," says Martyn, who has fine hair (but a lot of it). "I've stepped on them, lost them in the bottom of my bag, dropped them down flights of stairs, and they look brand new. I also love the colors."

I tried the clips myself and instantly fell in love with the sleek shape and reliable hold. Whether power walking or driving on the infamous pothole ridden roads in Los Angeles, my twist wouldn't budge. There's a hidden row of spikes on the inside that work with the interlacing teeth to really dig into the hair while still being gentle. "These never tug or slip out of my hair," says Martyn. Though these aren't the biggest clips on the list, the size worked on both my long and Martyn's medium length hair. If your hair is long and curly, you might need a larger clip.

Price at time of publish: $8

Quantity: Set of 5 | Colorways: 2 | Size: 3.35 x 1.9 inches

Best for Long/Thick Hair: Kitsch Eco-Friendly Jumbo Open Shape Claw Clip

Kitsch Eco-Friendly Jumbo Open Shape Claw Clip

What We Like: You can wrangle waist-length hair with this elegant design.

What We Don't Like: Skip this if your hair is on the shorter side.

Anyone wary of claw clips because they have long hair, give this jumbo sized beauty a chance. "I love how big it is — the sheer size allows it to securely hold my thick, almost waist-length hair without a problem," says InStyle Commerce Editor Mary Honkus. "It even manages to keep my hair in place when I'm out running errands, not just sitting around doing my makeup which is nice." Celebrity hairstylist Allie Ellis owns a ton of the jumbo clips since they work well on her curly hair and boast a "designer look" for a reasonable price. Honkus is also a fan of the square shape and tortoise shell design. "I can see myself wearing it out on a date or out to dinner with friends because the design is fun but neutral and goes with just about everything," says Honkus. Plus, we love that it's made from recycled materials.

Price at time of publish: $12

Quantity: 1 | Colorways: 2 | Size: 4.75 W x 2.4 H x 1.6 D inches

Best for Natural Hair: Shein 3pcs Girls Acrylic Hair Claw

Shein 3pcs Girls Acrylic Hair Claw

What We Like: Even Type 4 curls stay put with this clip.

What We Don't Like: The insanely low cost comes at the price of shopping from a fast fashion brand with questionable business practices.

Shein gets a bad rap for low quality products (and some very questionable business practices), but according to blogger Sanaa Brown, these claw clips are strong enough to hold her natural Type 4 curls as demonstrated in her styling video. "I like that the resistance when opening the clip isn't too strong but also not too loose," says Brown. "This allows the clip to grasp onto my hair without uncomfortable pulling or tugging." The design has the overlapping claws that Polko recommends for the best grip and the large, curved shape that is ideal for thick, curly hair, according to Ellis. Read the reviews and you'll find the same sentiment — these clips can handle thick hair. And for less money than a gallon of gas, you can at least have good hair in this economy.

Price at time of publish: $3

Quantity: Set of 3 | Colorways: 1 | Size: 4.3 x 2 cm

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Best Banana Clip: Nalodu Hair Claw Clips

Nalodu Hair Claw Clips

What We Like: Sleek yet mighty, this hybrid design is less bulky yet doesn't slip.

What We Don't Like: The paint can chip with wear.

Seemingly a hybrid between a claw and a banana clip, this design is less bulky than others, yet still offers exceptional hold. "I love how lightweight these feel in my hair. They're plastic and don't pull or drag like some metal ones I have tried," says Shannon M Bauer, senior commerce beauty editor at InStyle. "They're also fairly large, so my hair is really secure, but not so big that it looks weird on my head." Running from office to events, Bauer needs a clip that can handle some rumble tumble. "Since they are plastic, I expected to break them easily, but I have shoved them in bags and brought them traveling and they're still kicking," says Bauer. She did notice that the paint chipped a little at the claws, but most likely, your hair will hide any imperfections. The value set also comes with four different colors, so you can keep them on rotation.

Price at time of publish: $9

Quantity: Set of 4 | Colorways: 5 | Size: 4.3 x 2 inches

Best Color Range: Canitor Large Claw Clip

Canitor Large Claw Clip

What We Like: You can stock up on both colorful and neutral shades.

What We Don't Like: The dimensions on the product page are inconsistent, so be prepared to potentially size up or down.

As someone who regularly wears claw clips, Erika Reals, associate fashion editor at Byrdie, wanted to stock up on a few stylish options that wouldn't break the bank. "I see some clips these days that go for $30 plus a piece and it blows my mind," says Reals. "I figured I would try a variety pack on Amazon that is marketed to be bigger since I have thick hair, and see how it goes." A year later, and they are going strong. "I still use every one (none have broken) and they keep my hair up as advertised." While the Best Overall only offers colorful matte shades, these assortments range from shiny neutrals to rainbow and come in both medium and large sizes. One caveat: while researching the product, we noticed that the dimensions in the photos and description don't match, so sizing might be a gamble — luckily, Amazon has free shipping and returns in case you need to return.

Price at time of publish: $17

Quantity: Set of 4 | Colorways: 15 | Size: 4.1 x 1.8 x 1.9 inches

Best for Wet Hair: Scunci No-Slip Grip Basic Claw Hair Clips

Scunci No-Slip Grip Basic Claw Hair Clips

What We Like: These basic clips don't slip, even on wet hair.

What We Don't Like: The rubber grips on the inside chips off overtime.

Polko is a big fan of Scunci because they have clips for all hair types and textures. You can easily find them at a drugstore in case of an emergency or for an inexpensive fix. And I agree; I bought this pack from my local Target because I wanted some cheap clips that I could use in the shower while deep conditioning my straight hair. An elastic will wreak havoc on wet hair, but this clip holds my saturated strands with ease and comfort. The rubber on the inside of the claws prevents slipping without pulling out my hair. After a year of regular use, the clips still feel strong and sturdy, though some of the rubber has come off on the inside, but they still have a good grip. They may not be the most exciting design out there, but they get the job done, and I can save my fancier clips for special occasions.

Price at time of publish: $6

Quantity: Set of 3 | Colorways: 1 | Size: 4 x 3 inches

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Best Mini: Anthropologie Speckled Mini Hair Clip Set

Anthropologie Speckled Mini Hair Clip Set

What We Like: For when you don't want to put all your hair up, these mini clips let you do fun twists and braids.

What We Don't Like: Though these are small, they still be too large to hold intricate styles like baby braids.

Whether you are growing out those curtain bangs or want to use several clips at once like Kaia Gerber at the Met Gala, this set of mini claw clips from Anthropologie will make all your dream 'dos come true. I was kindly gifted the set in Slate (a mix of browns, greens, and blues), and I'm mesmerized by the gorgeous speckled shades. The greens and browns are just enough to pop from my blonde locks without being too distracting. Small but mighty, the design has the interlocking teeth that Polko says helps grip your hair and in fact, kept my long hair secured in little twists and braids even as I cleaned my apartment. I've only used one or two at a time, but I want to embrace the more is more mentality and wear all six at once like beauty influencer Shaynna (Esther) Cooper does in her viral looks. "I always want to maximize the usage of clips, so I put them all throughout my hair," says Cooper. "The more, the better."

Price at time of publish: $24

Quantity: Set of 6 | Colorways: 7 | Size: 1 X1.5 inches

Best Splurge: Emi Jay Super Bloom Clip

Emi Jay Super Bloom Clip

What We Like: This tropical twist on a claw clip doesn't fail to stand out or stay put.

What We Don't Like: Due to the smaller size, you might need to use two clips or pin up a smaller section if you have really thick or long hair.

For the cutest summer hair accessory, Polko recommends reaching for Emi Jay's floral claw clips. Celebrities like Elsa Hosk have been spotted wearing this style on Instagram, but I was skeptical if the clip could actually hold a full head of hair. I kindly received it as a gift from the brand, and it surpassed my expectations. The spring feels extremely tight, so the claws really bite into my twist and don't move, even as I clean my apartment or go for a walk. Since the clip is slightly smaller than others on this list, I can imagine it may not be big enough for those with really long or thick hair (I have long hair, but it's straight and malleable). Representing a plumeria flower found in Hawaii, the design genuinely captures the shape and color of the petals. If you want the tropical vacation feel, splurge on this clip.

Price at time of publish: $15

Quantity: 1 | Colorways: 4 | Size: 3.25 x 3 x 2 inches

What to Keep in Mind


Based on this list, 4 inches seems to be the sweet spot for a clip to work on both medium and long hair. If you have especially long or thick hair, you'll want to size up to fit all your hair. Alternatively, Ellis likes to use several medium-sized clips for long hair, letting the strands fall over to cover them.

And if you have short hair, like a bob or pixie, that doesn't mean you have to miss out on the trend. Simply experiment with smaller clips. Not only do they add some personality to your look, but they also can camouflage any awkward growth phases.


Size isn't the only factor that matters — shape is important too. "I suggest a large, rounder clip to hold thicker hair," says Ellis. "The square ones are perfect for fine hair." A round clip allows thick hair to take up more volume while the square shape compresses fine hair together.


This is the fun part. With so many designs today, you can choose from shades that blend into your hair or opt for pops of color. I suggest buying a variety pack of different shades and switching it up depending on your mood.

Your Questions, Answered

How do I style my hair with a claw clip?

Ellis go-to is to slick the hair back and leave a few fringe pieces in the front. She also likes to create a messy updo, especially on those with curly hair, as a sexy nod to that trending Pamela Anderson look.

If you want to get a smaller section out of your face, simply twist it up and away and add a smaller clip. "With clip placement you can't go wrong," says Cooper. "They help lay down fly aways. A lot of times when I have a bad hair day, I use clips to help hold the hair in a stylish way."

How do I use a claw clip so my hair stays put?

Polko says the best claw clips have teeth that overlap and really dig into your hair. She also recommends spritzing on some texturizing spray before styling to give your hair a little grip.

If you are still struggling to keep your hair up, Ellis suggests first putting your hair into a ponytail with an elastic or making a loose braid to give the clip an anchor.

Are claw clips bad for my hair?

Claw clips are actually a healthier alternative to other accessories. "When you wear a tight ponytail or bun with an elastic, there tends to be a lot of breakage," says Polko. "Using claw clips really limits any breakage." Plus, they make styling your hair so quick and easy, you can ditch the heat styling tools and all the damage that comes with. Lazy girl hair has never looked so good.

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