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Updated Sep 13, 2016 @ 4:15 pm
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One of the coolest things about this amazing industry is watching how it changes and how rapidly. This is a pretty broad generalization, but particularly in the realm of hair, things have progressed to be way more inclusive. There's shampoo for textured hair, dry hair, curly hair, and just about any kind of hair you could imagine. But there's a new line that literally just hit the market and it takes that inclusiveness so much further—and we are here for it.

Meet Vernon Francois (his hands have touched the heads of Lupita Nyongo'o, Uzo Aduba, Kerry Washington, and more) and his eponymous hair-care line. So what makes this addition to the market just so special? Well, for one thing, he is the world's leading expert when it comes to styling naturally textured hair.

His collection was formulated to empower women to embrace their natural hair. And the whole range, from shampoo and conditioner to styling products and accessories, all work together so women can maximize the full potential of their naturally textured hair.

But that's not all—the collection is split into three core lines, Pure-Fro which is for tightly coiled hair, Curl-command for wavy, loose, and curly hair, and Re-vamp for heat damaged or chemically treated hair.

We had the chance to talk to Mr. Francois and get the skinny on some of his favorites from his collection and more.

"I have been a professional stylist for more than 15 years, specializing in textured hair, and even since I was a young child, I have always been completely passionate about curly hair and its versatility. The concept for my collection came about as a result of listening to and responding to the needs of my clients," he said.

"It comes from a genuinely informed place about the very best ingredients and what different texture types need and respond to. But the collection is about much more than just the products. There is a huge educational role that needs to be fulfilled on various levels when it comes to managing textured hair at home, which is why this is our focus."

How freaking cool is that?

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Obviously, my next question was what makes these products just so different?

"My collection brings people innovative solutions and formulations that they will not have been able to access before," says Francois. "For example, the innovative wash-out conditioner in the from of a spray was a labor of love which took me three years to get just right, and it's a global first in this space. I have a genuine first-hand knowledge of what the different types of curly hair crave and best responds to, which has informed every step of the process in bringing this collection to life."

The man is clearly a perfectionist.

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As for his standout faves, there are a few to take note.

"My top three ‘must-haves’ would be [the] Conditioner Spray—the delivery system gives an exceptional coverage, and it really is a revelation. My clients who have been using it love it!" says Francois. "Moisture Spray, which is an essential for keeping hair fresh, hydrated, and moisturized while ‘on the go’ and between washes. And Dazzling Spritz, which contains delicate, light reflective particles, smells delicious, and makes you look and feel sensational."

If you're hungry for more tips (and frankly, who isn't?), you can fall down the magical rabbit hole that is Vernon Francois' website. But obviously, you'll want to shop this collection, so you're gonna need to head on over to net-a-porter, where the brand has launched exclusively.