Princess Charlene of Monaco Got an Undercut

A real-life punk rock princess.

Princess Charlene of Monaco attended a Christmas gift distribution event today and debuted a brand-new look. While she's no stranger to short hair, she may have debuted the very first royal undercut.

While People called the look a "half hawk," there wasn't much height. The side-swept style showed off a buzzcut on one side of her head, with the back lengths smoothed down. She paired the new style with a shimmering gold sequin face mask that matched her intricately patterned coat. It was her second event of the day, but she had obscured the haircut with a beret earlier at a boat christening.

Princess Charlene of Monaco
SC Pool - Corbis / Contributor

"She wore a beret on which concealed it, but up close I could see where she had her temple and the back of her head, completely shaved," an attendee told People.

Charlene has been playing with her hair this year, opting to experiment and switch up her usually sleek, short 'do. Earlier this year, she debuted baby bangs (with a face mask that pulled a quote from The Dark Knight).

Princess Grace started the tradition of an annual gift distribution, though the palace canceled the event this year due to COVID-19 restrictions. Prince Albert and the royal twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, were also in attendance, along with Santa Claus.

"In so many ways Monaco is really a village. Everyone knows everyone else, everyone knows everyone else's father, mother," a palace staffer told People. "This Christmas tradition at the Palace which Rainier and Grace started, it nurtures that bond between the whole community. Being in the Palace, meeting the prince, attending the party. That's something you look forward to all year long when you're a child. And then, when you're a parent you look forward to sharing it with your own children."

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