Olivia Munn - January 7, 2015
Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty

Call it the beauty version of an afternoon slump: Throughout the morning, the volume at the top of your ponytail sags until—sometime around 3pm—your high pony has unwittingly transformed into a low-hanging updo. But since there’s only so much teasing your strands can take before they snap, what's a volume-loving gal to do?

The secret is to start by making two ponytails. First, gather the hair at the top of your head, and along the sides—about two inches above each ear. Then mist roots with a light hold hairspray. Fasten the tail at the back of the crown, securing with a slim, clear elastic, like Scunci Poly Bands ($3/52 pcs;

Then gather up the rest of your hair, integrating the tail you already created. Gently tug at the roots of the hair at the top of your head until you get your desired lift and fasten it all together with a strong, thick elastic. By combining two separate ponies, the full weight of your strands won’t drag down the volume you’ve created. We like to think of it as a shot of Five Hour Energy for your hair.