Obsession: 1907 Hair Ties
Credit: Courtesy

Is there anything sadder than a ponytail that's hit its own version of a four o'clock slump? Mine droops each afternoon right along with my energy level, and no volumizer, texturizer, or hair waker-upper I've tried can restore it to its former glory.

All of that changed when I swapped my tired old hair tie for a chic leather band. The surprisingly-secure elastic lifted both my pony and spirits: Suddenly, my posture straightened, my glazed-over eyes brightened, and the stray strands around my face felt somehow très chic. I had transformed into a sophisticated Parisian who shops by appointment at Chloé, and it was all thanks to 1907 by Fromm's Leather Hair Bow Tie ($7;

Nope, your eyes do not deceive you: These miracle ties are just $7 a pop. More than your run-of-the-mill elastic, yes, but also way less expensive than the hair accessories you'd find at any upscale department store. Still, if you're feeling guilty, you can pick up the four-part millennial pink set ($15; and save some green.

Say it with me: No more sad ponytails.