Perfect Ponytails Every Time

Perfect Ponytails Every Time - Heidi Klum
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Perfect Ponytails Every Time

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Diane Kruger

Perfect Ponytails Every Time - Diane Kruger
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Side ponytails are no longer just for the likes of Punky Brewster. "The low side ponytail has become popular as an elegant look," says Holly Jones. You can achieve this by pulling the hair a few inches off-center and securing it. Secure pieces that may fall out with bobby pins that match your hair color.

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Rachel Bilson

Perfect Ponytails Every Time - Rachel Bilson
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This peppy pony can give you just as much morning perk as a cup of coffee. Rachel's stylist, Davy Newkirk, suggests straightening out the hair first with a Mason Pearson brush if you have curly hair like Rachel's. To get the texture that she has, "Spritz the hair with a salt water spray," says Newkirk, who prefers the Frederic Fekkai Summer Beach Waves spray.

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Reese Witherspoon

Perfect Ponytails Every Time - Reese Witherspoon
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Bangs and ponytails are a fantastic combination-it's young but sophisticated at the same time. Ponytails are great for second-day hair because layered pieces are less likely to fall out (a little greesiness helps everything stay in place). Reese's style requires minimal styling product, if any, and keep the product away from the bangs.

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Anne Hathaway

Perfect Ponytails Every Time - Anne Hathaway
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Think that just because you have a short cut, you can't wear a ponytail? Not true! Evenly comb styling gel through the hair before pulling it into a ponytail-you secure uneven short layers that may not fit into the elastic.

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Lauren Conrad

Perfect Ponytails Every Time - Lauren Conrad

Looking to make a statement? Add extensions to your hair before wearing it in a stick-straight ponytail. This simple-yet-stunning style begs for a dramatic neckline on the dress you wear it with! The beauty of the ponytail is that it lets you display jewelry, clothing and your face.

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Minka Kelly

Perfect Ponytails Every Time - Minka Kelly
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"This is a gorgeous look for Minka because it is youthful and fresh," says L.A.-based stylist Holly Jones. Start by using a large-barrel curling iron to create big loose curls around the head. "To get this high pony, flip your head upside-down and brush all the way to the top of your head before securing. A bit of aerosol hairspray like Davines Glam Power will hold without adding weight," says Jones.

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Kate Beckinsale

Perfect Ponytails Every Time - Kate Beckinsale
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"This look is modern and a bit flirty," says Kate's hairstylist, Adir Abergel, who got this style by misting Fekkai Coiff Shape and Set mist on wet hair and then dried using a round brush. "Once the hair is dry, backcomb the front of the hair and spray with hairspray to create body and a more modern look," says Abergel. Then pull the sides tightly back and secure the high ponytail with an elastic.

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Fergie's Mile-long Ponytail
Matt Baron/BEImages

The Duchess went for all-out extremes with this look, including an extra-long hairpiece. The height of the slicked-back ponytail helps accentuate her striking cheekbones. We recommend this look only if you're a performer!

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Jessica Simpson

Perfect Ponytails Every Time - Jessica Simpson
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This low ponytail takes on a sophisticated style with a section of hair wrapped around the ponytail. To copy this look, take a section of hair from below the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic and secure it underneath with a bobby pin. If that doesn't work, buy a faux-hair elastic instead.

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Nicole Kidman

Perfect Ponytails Every Time - Nicole Kidman
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"I love ponytail when they are done with effort," says Frederic Fekkai stylist Adir Abergel. "It shows confidence and strength in a woman." Nicole's perfectly coifed style can be achieved by using a large-barrel curling iron and curling as large of sections as possible. This look works well on thinner hair-it's easier to achieve one large barrel curl.

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Emmy Rossum

Perfect Ponytails Every Time - Emmy Rossum
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Add some interest to a basic ponytail with a braid-it can be on the thicker side like Emmy's, or you can do multiple little braids throughout. Buy mini rubberbands that match your hair color to secure the braid before adding it to the ponytail.

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Kristen Bell

Perfect Ponytails Every Time - Kristen Bell
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Thanks in part to Gossip Girl, headbands are having a major resurrection right now. Kristen' skinny headband is a simple way to dress up an otherwise-basic pony. "For a more bohemian look, try a beautifully printed scarf," says stylist Holly Jones.

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Portia de Rossi

Perfect Ponytails Every Time - Portia de Rossi
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Talk about adding subtle edge. "Combining both straight and crimped textures in one style not only shows that extra effort was taken but that she has a fun personality," says Holly Jones of this multi-textured style. To get this style, Jones recommends Bumble and Bumble Styling Lotion and blow-drying. Crimp dry hair in the front and pull it all into a high ponytail and secure with spray.

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Joy Bryant

Perfect Ponytails Every Time - Joy Bryant
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Create a fun look for a night out with a full ponytail. Get as much volume in your hair as possible and then use a flat brush to pull it into a ponytail, keeping everything on the head very sleek. "In two-inch sections lightly backcomb your hair," says stylist Holly Jones. "The result is incredibly thick, full and bouncy."

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Liv Tyler

Perfect Ponytails Every Time - Liv Tyler
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The sharp side part adds sophistication to this style. Stylist Renato Campora, who created Liv's low pony, kept the front panel of hair from falling out by applying Kerastase serum to the hair and then bobby pinning it by the ear. He styled the rest of the hair in a low ponytail and when the whole look was set, he removed the pin and finished with Kerastase hairspray.

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Kate Hudson

Perfect Ponytails Every Time - Kate Hudson
Gilbert Flores/Celebrity Photo

Whatever preconceived ideas you have about ponytails, get rid of them! They can be worn by all ages and for all occasions. One rule to keep in mind, says stylist Holly Jones, is "Wear the texture that matches your clothes. If you wear a soft, summery dress, the hair should also be soft and loose. Or if you have a modern, clean-lined outfit, hair should be clean, straight an smooth."

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Heidi Klum

Perfect Ponytails Every Time - Heidi Klum
Robert Pitts/Landov

Klum's hairstylist, Helena Faccenda started by twisting pieces toward the back of the head and pinning them (she removed the pins when she pulled the twists into the ponytail). "I didn't brush her hair," she says. "I just pulled it into a big fat ponytail in the center back of her head and pinned all the sticking out pieces down, so it was disheveled. And I didn't touch the ponytail-I just left it big and messy."

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