The Quarantine Hair Trend No One Saw Coming

Celebrities can't stop dyeing their hair pastel colors while self-isolating.

Before the coronavirus shut down most hair salons, dyeing your hair pastel at home was considered too risky.

But let's be realistic here. With only so many puzzles to do, shows to stream, and bread recipes to try while quarantining, it's only a matter of time before you fill your empty hours with Pinterest.

Maybe you've been creating hair inspiration boards to help you plan out your next color once it's safe to go to the salon again, or perhaps going baby pink has always been on your hair bucket list. Either way, given that hair isn't the most pressing issue right now, the stakes don't seem so high if you order a box dye online and DIY it at home. 'Cause, hey, celebs are doing it too.

While Eva Longoria and Kelly Ripa are being practical by covering up their gray roots with temporary sprays, there are tons of stars who have given themselves complete pastel hair color transformations while quarantining.

Kristen Stewart celebrated her birthday in quarantine with a neon orange bowl cut and Hilary Duff's cool turquoise hair transformed her into a real-life mermaid. But it seems like pink is the major trend color of choice. Julianne Hough, Cardi B, and Jennifer Love Hewitt have all worn the look, proving just how universal and versatile the color is.

Here, we've rounded up all the celeb pastel hair colors that have come out of quarantine so far. Plus, the tips and products you need if you're up for DIYing their looks — whether you're looking for a temporary or permanent color change.

Dua Lipa

The singer started off her DIY pastel hair journey in April with this creamsicle orange color. Experimenting with whimsical shades is next to impossible on dark hair like Lipa's natural color. Looks like she's taking advantage of her pre-quarantine platinum dye job and leaning into the current pastel trend.

Bleach London Award Peach Super Cool Hair Colour

Celebrities With Pastel Hair

If you're in London and want to dye your hair orange, pink, or any other color of the rainbow, you book an appointment at Bleach, a salon known for its color transformations. Traveling is out of the question for the foreseeable future, but luckily Bleach makes at-home hair color products. This semi-permanent cream is applied like a mask and deposits the color in just 30 minutes. Expect it to gradually fade out in several washes.

To buy: $9;

Taylor Swift

Along with her surprise City of Lovers concert special, Taylor Swift updated her signature blonde shag with peekaboo hot pink and teal streaks.

Beyond the Zone Color Bombz Temporary Hair Color Spray

Celebrities With Pastel Hair

Not up for committing to multicolored highlights? No problem. One shampoo washes out these temporary hair color sprays.

To buy: $6;

Cardi B

The rapper is known for her wigs, so you better believe self-isolating at home isn't going to stop her from having fun with her hair. This platinum wig with cotton candy pink dip-dyed ends is one of Cardi's best quarantine looks so far.

L'Oréal Paris Feria Pastels Hair Color in Rosy Blush

Celebrities With Pastel Hair

This pastel box dye is ideal for anyone who's working with a natural blonde or an already-bleached base.

To buy: $9;

Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland is one of many celebs who dyed their hair pink while quarantining. Instead of taking baby steps with a subtle shade, the actress went all in with bold magenta.

Splat Midnight Hair Color in Magenta

Celebrities With Pastel Hair

Pink is one of the most popular pastel hair colors to try because it looks amazing on everyone. The only caveat? Most dyes only take to light hair. That's where this Splat box dye comes in. It's formulated to work on dark hair so brunettes can skip the damaging pre-bleach session.

To buy: $10;

Hilary Duff

For blondes, the pastel hair color options are endless, because virtually any dye shows up on light hair. While self-isolating with her family, Hilary Duff got bored and gave herself cool turquoise hair.

Good Dye Young Semi-Permanent Hair Color Narwhal Teal

Celebrities With Pastel Hair

Duff never shared the exact dye she used, but this semi-permanent teal shade from Good Dye Young is a dead ringer. Not only is the non-toxic dye effortless to apply because it goes on like a creamy hair mask, but the vibrant color lasts for up to six weeks.

To buy: $18;

Sarah Michelle Gellar

The actress gave her bright blonde hair a subtle allover rose gold tint. While Gellar initially dyed her hair to embarrass her kids, there's nothing humiliating about how good her DIY pastel hair color turned out.

Moroccanoil Color Depositing Mask

Celebrities With Pastel Hair

Use a color-depositing hair mask to add a subtle bubblegum pink tint to your hair like Gellar did. On top of the temporary hair color, Moroccanoil's mask doubles as a deep conditioning treatment for extra softness and shine.

To buy: $28;

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Not into allover color? Just add pink highlights. The natural brunette took advantage of her golden ombré highlights by dyeing them pink with a color-depositing hair conditioner.

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Tint in Bunny

Celebrities With Pastel Hair

The exact product Hewitt used for her at-home dye session? Lime Crime's Unicorn Hair Tint in Bunny. The semi-permanent color is a cult favorite because among celebs like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner because it delivers high-impact color without sacrificing the health of your hair. Bonus: Since the dye fades evenly, your pink hair will still look good two weeks in.

To buy: $16;

Keke Palmer

The GMA co-host's watermelon ombré updo is just one of the many wigs and weaves she's played with during self-isolation. And we gotta say, this summery color is an instant mood-booster.

Punky Hair Colour Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Color in Cherry on Top

Celebrities With Pastel Hair

If you're up for playing with dye to DIY Palmer's look, use this cherry shade from Punky Colour. Coat your mid-lengths to ends with the dye, starting a lighter hand to create the gradient effect.

To buy: $8;

Ruby Rose

Highlights aren't the only way to experiment with multiple pastel colors at once. Ruby Rose dyed her buzz cut half royal blue, half hot pink.

L'Oréal Paris Colorista 1-Day Spray

Celebrities With Pastel Hair

You don't have to mess with dye to try Rose's bold quarantine hair color. Simply spray your hair with L'Oréal's wash-out color sprays.

To buy: $10;

Kristen Stewart

Giving yourself an extreme hair color is the best way to celebrate your birthday in quarantine — just ask Kristen Stewart. As of Apr. 9, the actress is the proud owner of a tiger orange bowl cut.

Overtone Extreme Orange Coloring Conditioner

Overtone Extreme Orange

Overtone's temporary hair dyes are unbelievably popular because they don't leave brunettes out. The dyes work on most hair colors and some come in formulas specifically made to be used on dark hair. You also don't have to worry about damaging your hair. Every one of Overtone's dyes are non-toxic and contain conditioning ingredients to prevent damage.

To buy: $29;

Julianne Hough

Hough's subtle rose gold highlights have since faded, but the splash of pink is the perfect example of how to dip your toes into pastel hair colors without going all in.

Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint

Celebrities With Pastel Hair

This color spray from the celebrity hairstylist's namesake line is unique because it lasts up to six washes. The color also goes on super light and subtle — perfect for recreating Hough's pastel ombré.

To buy: $12;

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