If You Have Curly Hair, These Scalp Cleansing Products Are a Game-Changer


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Having thick hair is both a blessing and a curse.

On one hand, I love that my hair takes up a lot of space and can hold styles so well. But on the other hand, ensuring that my scalp is properly cleansed on wash day is extremely time consuming.

I've been using Colorproof's Scalp Cleansing Brush since the moment it launched to ensure the cleansers I used were able to reach my scalp. However, finding products that will actually rinse away build-up and not leave any more behind, all while not leaving your skin or hair roots feeling dry, is half the battle.

That's why I was so amped to put Ouidad's Hair and Scalp Collection to the test.

"[Scalp cleansing products] will promote healthy hair and growth," says Brendnetta Ashley, national artistic educator at The JCPenney Salon by InStyle. "For your hair to grow your scalp needs to be free of buildup. Cleansing helps to stimulate the hair follicles which will promote hair growth. This is beneficially to all hair types, but for sure for curly hair. Due to the number of products needed for textured hair, a good cleanser is helpful to remove any excess buildup."

With each of the brand's products specially formulated to work across all curly types, I had high expectations for Ouidad's latest line. And thankfully, I wasn't let down.

A full breakdown of the Hair and Scalp Collection, ahead.

Heavy Lifting Bubbling Scalp Mask


To shop: $31; jcpenney.com

Before I even applied the product to my scalp, what first caught my eye about the scalp mask was the packaging. Rather than coming in a tube, Ouidad offers an easy-to-use pump that not only preserves the foaming formula, but also prevents spills and left over residue on the cap. Plus, it includes white charcoal, giving the mask extra cleansing powers. "White charcoal helps to remove any impurities," says Ashley. "It is especially good for your scalp area since that is where hair grows from. A clean hair follicle will increase healthy hair growth."

I started off by sectioning my hair and applying it directly to my scalp. Without rubbing it in, I let the product sit for around two minutes and watched as it quickly turned into a rich foam. I followed up with my scalp brush to really work it in, then rinsed it out. I was left with soft, hydrated, and clean roots, with no residue in sight.

This would be the perfect product to use after taking out a protective style to get rid of any gunky build-up left behind from your braids.

Ready, Set, Clean Scalp + Hair Rinse

Ouidad Ready Set Clean_Front

To shop: $28; jcpenney.com

Next, I washed the shaft of my hair with the gel cleanser. Unlike many similar products, this rinse has a clear formula that not only breaks down build-up from the scalp, but also on the actual hair strands.

With my hair already wet, I applied it all over, then used my scalp brush to work it into my roots. What was nice about it was I could feel it cleansing my hair, but it didn't give me that squeaky clean feeling — which I like to avoid when it comes to my hair — while I was washing and after I had rinsed it out. Instead, my hair was soft, shiny, and still moisturized, likely because of the formula's triple fruit vinegar mix. "Fruit vinegars add vitamin C and B, while the vinegar exfoliates your hair," Ashley explains. "This combination will make your hair softer, shiner, and ultimately healthier."

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Bye-Bye Dry Soothing + Moisturizing Serum

Ouidad Bye Bye Dry Dropper

To shop: $30; jcpenney.com

Once I hopped out of the shower, I dried my hair off with a towel, sectioned it off and put it into finger coils to help it dry evenly. But with itchy scalp often being an issue for me post-wash, this product was a true godsend.

This product offers a dropper applicator which makes it easy to apply directly to the scalp and massage in once you've parted your hair. The formula also contains plant collagen filled with amino acids as well as ingredients like geranium oil, dandelion, elder flower, hibiscus flower, and marigold extract to help with locking in moisture. Plus, it smells like heaven.

Bye-Bye Breakage Strengthening + Thickening Scalp Serum


To shop: $30; jcpenney.com

It's hard to play favorites with this line, but I'd have to say that the Strengthening + Thickening Scalp Serum is probably my favorite product from the collection.

While I didn't use it throughout my full head of very thick hair, I opted to apply it around the parameter (aka my edges) that could always use a little bit of extra love.

There are many products on the market that claim to help thicken the hair in this area, but this serum has the ingredients to prove it. Packed with niacinamide, plant collagen, and Irish moss, this formula helps to stimulate circulation and condition the scalp to promote healthy hair growth. On top of that, it also includes superstar ingredient hyaluronic acid.

"This will add moisture back into your hair," says Ashley. "Curly hair can naturally be dry due to the growth pattern of how it grows from the scalp. Using any products with hyaluronic acid will prevent breakage and restore moisture."

Simply use the dropper applicator to apply it to any area where you notice thinning and massage it in.

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