This Insta-Famous Curl Cream Is So Worth the Hype

My type 3c curls are a lot easier to manage now.

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Ouai Curl Cream Review
Photo: Instagram/@theouai

I appreciate my curls so much more now than I did as a kid. Styling was such a hassle largely due to the lack of curly-haired products that were on the market in the late '90s and early 2000s. I have type 3C curls, which means that they're tight and bunched together, but not coily (so I can't slip my finger through them). Through trial and (some unfortunate) error, I've learned that my hair tangles easily, dries out with the wrong products, and feels unmanageable if I don't tackle these two things first.

That's why I was so excited to receive a sample of Ouai's new Curl Crème. It was created with over 150 members of Ouai's community in an effort to get the formula right. (That's why you've probably seen it on Instagram by now.) "Curl Crème has a unique consistency that initially feels like a cream, but then melts into your curls with the ease of an oil," the brand states. One of my biggest gripes with curl-focused products is the consistency — and for the record, this one's just right.

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To use, I simply divide my hair into four sections and apply a quarter-sized amount evenly from root to tip. I do this with both wet and dry hair, and even curls that have been intact for a few days. (It's designed to work with curls in any state, so it gets brownie points for versatility.) After I wash my hair, it's the last product in my haircare routine; if I'm not cleansing, I add a teeny bit of oil to my ends after due to LA's recently humid weather.

I received both the scented and fragrance-free versions, but I went with the scented option featuring Ouai's iconic North Bondi, with notes of lemon and bergamot. In both, the key ingredients are oils: chia, linseed, babassu, and coconut. These are extremely hydrating, moisture-retaining, and shine-enhancing ingredients! My curls are a lot easier to manage and look smooth and nourished with a little Ouai in them. The cream doesn't weigh them down, so they retain that natural-hair bounciness that I love.

And it wouldn't be an Ouai product if the packaging wasn't stellar. The sleek fair pink and white tubes don't only have a boatload of curl-enhancing ingredients inside, they'll also look gorgeous in your shower. Plus, the super-sized 8-ounce tube will last you for quite a while.

As a long-time Ouai user, it was really important to me that founder Jen Atkin sought out the help of the community to create the product. As a result, we now have something that works with all curl types, and from one of the most popular brands out there to boot. I think that all curly-haired girls can agree that when a product doesn't make our curls appear (or feel) crunchy or frozen, it's a good one.

Shop the new Ouai Curl Crème at Ulta now. Needless to say, once my samples are done, I'm definitely going to buy another.

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