By Erin Lukas
Updated Mar 13, 2018 @ 10:30 am
Credit: Courtesy

In my opinion, effortless French girl hair is a sham. All of your favorite Francophone influencers, models, and celebs are lying when they say their piece-y, tousled texture is the product of simply air-drying their hair. In reality, the look actually takes a few products and maybe a hot tool or two to create.

Still, the farce doesn't make me want my hair to look like Jane Birkin's or Jeanne Damas's any less, which is why I spend 15 minutes every morning using a flat iron to add "S"-shaped bends to my flat, straight hair, followed by spritzing a texturizing spray on my mid-lengths to ends and giving it a good tousle to break up the waves.

It's an easy enough look to style, but using a texturizing spray is the real struggle. There's no shortage of options out there, but many sprays blast too much product on my hair so that it feels crunchy, or coats it with powder like when you've applied too much dry shampoo.

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That's why when I heard about Ouai's Dry Texture Foam ($28;, the latest launch from celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin's line, I was intrigued. As the sister product to Dry Shampoo Foam, the brand's buzziest launch last year, it looks like an average mousse, but promises to leave hair with undone, beachy texture. The foam is infused with polymers, which give it its texturizing powers, along with protective and strengthening rice proteins.

A little bit of the foam goes a long way. After using my flat iron to create waves, I ran a dime-sized dollop of the Dry Texture Foam through my mid-lengths and ends to get the lived-in finish I'm always going for. I used the leftover residue on my hands to fluff up my roots for added volume. Before I could even tell what it did to my hair, the foam was a total game-changer because you can actually control exactly where and how much product you want to apply instead of spraying it in the general area and hoping for the best.

Credit: Lauren Spinelli

Once my hair completely soaked up the product, it was visibly more piece-y and textured without feeling weighed down or most importantly, crunchy. What surprised me the most is how my hair was still soft and shiny as though I just washed it, even though I was on day three since my last wash.

Although my hair is naturally straight and completely void of any texture, Atkin tells InStyle that Dry Texture Foam is perfect for any hair type or length, "It’s for anyone who wants texture, thickness, and grit. It's a lightweight and invisible texturizing foam for all-over workable texture that looks lived in and lasts all day," she says. "Think of it like a pomade without the weight." She also recommends using it on dry hair like I did to get the best results.

Considering the hype around the OG Dry Shampoo Foam from Atkin's line, along with the fact that the lived-in look it added to my hair actually lasted all day, you have to get your hands on a bottle fast. You'll be just as hooked as I am, trust.