Ouai Foam Dry Shampoo - Lead 2017
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If the word "foam" conjures up memories of a soap suds-filled party you attended in your freshman year of college, thanks to Ouai, your attitude towards the fluffy stuff is all about to change. The haircare brand from superstylist Jen Atkin, the pro behind the Kar-Jenner crew’s and Chrissy Teigen’s hairstyles, just launched a foaming dry shampoo and it’s a major upgrade from your ride-or-die can that you currently have stashed in the bottom of your bag.

Launching today, Ouai’s Dry Shampoo Foam ($28; looks like the average can of dry shampoo, but it dispenses like a styling mousse—except you run it through dry hair. The diatomaceous earth and panthenol loaded formula works without water to remove product build-up on second (or even third) day hair, while giving strands a hit of volume and shine without leaving behind any powdery residue or stickiness. And just like every other product in Atkin’s line, it smells amazing.

Fluffiness aside, what sets this foaming dry shampoo apart from the rest, is that according it Atkin, it’s like a “dry eraser for your hair.” If you’ve overdosed on product, you can use a pump of Dry Shampoo Foam to absorb the excess product and start over with a clean slate.

Since it’s arguable that no one is as addicted to dry shampoo as InStyle’s beauty team, we tested Atkin’s foaming dry shampoo for ourselves. Read on for our thoughts, and head over to to grab a bottle for yourself, or expect to have serious #foamo.

"While I didn't see that much of a difference in removing oils from my roots, I do think it added ample volume and made my hair look really shiny" –Victoria Moorhouse, Digital Beauty Editor

“Typically, I’ll wash my hair as little as possible, and can usually get away with it since it’s pretty thick, but ever since winter went into full-swing, I found myself having to shampoo more frequently. To buy some extra time between washes, I raked two pumps of this stuff through my filthy hair, and it almost seemed to absorb all the oil on contact. The product is super-lightweight and doesn’t feel like I’ve even applied anything, and basically restored my layers to their freshly-washed state. I’m also a big fan of the scent – it smells almost exactly like this Roxy body lotion I would practically coat myself in back in the early ‘00s.” –Marianne Mychaskiw, Associate Beauty Editor

“I found a little bit of this stuff goes a long way for my fine, grease-prone hair: A single shot ballooned to cover almost my entire palm. But once I rubbed my hands together, the formula dried down to a more manageable lotion-like consistency. I then used my fingers to work it into oily areas like my roots and the nape of my neck. Since I was using my hands—as opposed to a spray can—I felt like I was able to really target those troublesome spots.” –Dianna Mazzone, Assistant Beauty Editor

“As someone with bangs who only washes their hair three times a week, by day two post-wash, dry shampoo is my BFF. What I loved about this stuff is that since it’s foam, you can pinpoint exactly where you want to distribute the product on your strands. Usually I just close my eyes and spray dry shampoo in the direction of my bangs and hope for the best, which usually ends up with too product and a powdery residue on my fringe. This foam absorbed grease and left my bangs feeling refreshed and clean.” –Erin Lukas, Beauty Writer