Olaplex's First-Ever Hair Mask Lives Up to the Hype

It makes my hair look just as soft and shiny as when I leave the salon.

In the words of Justin Bieber, "masks are essential." He may have been talking about sheet masks for your face, but the same goes for your hair.

I haven't been getting my hair colored as often or using a lot of hot tools during the pandemic, but my hair still looks a little "meh." It turns out, that simply washing my hair or going on sanity walks can contribute to damage, thanks to the minerals in the water and UV rays. Luckily, incorporating a supercharged mask with concentrated ingredients can help minimize the effects of said damage.

That's where Olaplex's No. 8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask enters the chat. The haircare brand's first-ever rinse-off mask combines its cult-favorite bond-building technology with the deep hydration of a traditional mask. So, you only need to use one product to get the benefits of both treatments.

Olaplex Hair Mask Review

To shop: $28; sephora.com

The mask promises to rebuild and strengthen broken bonds, which can happen from coloring treatments, and simple daily wear and tear on your hair. Dullness, dryness, and breakage can all be physical manifestations of this damage. Olaplex has also formulated the treatment to be safe and effective across all hair types, from straight to coily textures.

While Olaplex's mask will help strengthen hair over time, it also offers instant results. According to independent clinical trials, the mask delivers twice as much shine, four times more hydration, and six times more smoothness after just a single use.

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After letting the mask marinate on my just-shampooed hair for 10 minutes while I did my thing in the shower, I noticed my hair felt smoother even as I was rinsing it out. Once my hair was blow-dried, it was unbelievably soft and shiny without feeling flat or weighed down.

Salon-quality shine and softness by spending just an extra 10 minutes in the shower? Sign me up.

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