Kelly Ripa's Stylist Swears by This Trick for Longer, Stronger Hair With "a 'Lot' More Shine"

Jennifer Aniston has been an outspoken fan of the product, too.

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"Just the teeniest little trim, I'm doing everything I can to grow it out." I had put myself in the capable hands of Ryan Trygstad, celebrity stylist and co-founder of Mark Ryan Salon, for one of those nerve-wracking cuts everyone who's longed for butt-length hair has experienced. Any haircut at all can feel like your progress could go out the window in an instant.

Trygstad, however, didn't just understand the assignment, he was set on helping me reach my goal. "Are you taking Nutrafol?" His first and preeminent suggestion turned out to be one he'd both learned about from and recommended to his clients, who include A-listers like Laura Dern, Emma Roberts, Penn Badgley, and Kelly Ripa.

Nutrafol is a multivitamin that includes a cocktail of well-known hair growth go-tos like biotin, beta-carotene, zinc, and selenium, plus a variety of less common (though highly effective) active ingredients, namely camu camu fruit extract, kelp, and marine collagen. "Usually after three months of use I start to see hair growing in thicker and healthier," Trygstad says of the capsules, which claim to target "root causes of thinning hair like stress, environment, and nutrition."

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One of Nutrafol's key ingredients, marine collagen, is so powerful that Trygstad even advises his clients to take it as a standalone supplement. "With the marine collagen I noticed a significant change in the texture and softness of my clients' hair," he says of the ingredient. "The hair seems stronger, and with a lot more shine."

Not only does marine collagen support fuller, faster hair growth, it also fights signs of aging skin. As we age, the collagen that occurs naturally in our skin begins to break down, resulting in wrinkles, dryness, and sagging, according to dermatologist Marnie Nussbaum, M.D. But collagen supplements may help restore those essential building blocks. Marine collagen also supports nail growth and healthy joints, so your hair supplement can actually do much, much more for you.

The presence of marine collagen in Nutrafol makes the multi-ingredient supplement a solid source, but if you want an extra punch, Trygstad recommends the Jennifer Aniston-backed Vital Proteins Marine Collagen. The most important thing is just to make sure you're supporting your hair growth journey from within. "I always tell my clients it's best to start on a good, consistent hair vitamin regimen," says Trygstad, who also advises sharing your goals with your dermatologist. "Both collagen and Nutrifol have shown great results in my clients. Many women deal with hair loss and thinning over time due to hormones, diet, and aging, so it's important to start supplementing your wellness routine."

It's safe to say I got out of Trygstad's chair with a much healthier head of hair in just one session thanks to an expert dusting of the ends that didn't sacrifice precious inches. But better yet, I left with his invaluable guidance for supercharging my future growth. Shop the celebrity stylist-recommended Nutrafol and marine collagen supplements now.

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