Brunette Hair - Lead
Credit: Getty

File this under further proof that Nutella you can spread Nutella onto just about anything. Over in Beirut, Lebanon, the pros over at Salon Abed & Samer have found a whole new use for the spread that doesn't involve eating it by the spoonful (a.k.a. our weeknight activity posted up in front of the TV). When applied to blonde hair, the Nutella was able to shift any brassy tones down a level to a richer, darker hue. Sounds weird, but the team has the evidence documented via Instagram video. We've heard whispers that coffee or tea can help deepen color when applied to your strands, but Nutella is a definite first. Everyone's favorite chocolate-hazelnut concoction wasn't the sole culprit behind the new color—in one video, additional foils likely housing hair dye were seen, while a whipped cream-esque product was used in another—though it's just as good of a Pinterest-ripe DIY remedy as any. But then again, so is a box of L'Oreal Feria... Watch the technique in action in the videos below.