Amazon Shoppers Say This $5 Oil Spikes Hair Growth With Just a Few Drops

Add it into your shampoo and be amazed.

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Shoppers Say This $5 Oil Makes Hair Soft, Shiny, and Grow Faster — Even in Decades-Old Bald Patches
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We love a good hair-growing treatment around here, whether it's a shampoo that helps you pass a frustrating growth plateau, a leave-in conditioner that spurs length as it detangles, or an eyebrow secret that gives you the brows of Cara Delevingne. Happily, Amazon is a goldmine for products that give you inches — and according to shoppers, just a couple drops of one $5 neem hair oil is enough to work wonders.

Unlike some of the flashy new acids and patent-pending ingredients in other hair and beauty products, neem oil has a long history. Per researchers, it was used in Indian health remedies dating back to a time before written records, and since then, the oil's seen tons of different uses, its germ-killing properties warding off viruses and plant pests alike. As the 2,000+ five-star Amazon ratings for Now Solutions' 100 percent pure neem oil attest, it's also a lifesaver for thin hair.

One shopper writes that they've rubbed two drops into their scalp every night for a year now and have seen their hair growth spring into action in response. Another person has seen their hair transform from "dry and brittle" to "smooth, shiny, and soft" — and they gained four inches. Someone else confirms the magic, writing that the oil "has even begun to stimulate hair growth in a small bald patch inflicted by a burn from a curling iron over a decade ago."

NOW Solutions, Neem Oil, 100% Pure, Made From Azadirachta Indica

Shop now: $5 (Originally $9);

Neem oil's uses go beyond hair growth. Shoppers mention success using it to calm psoriasis, dandruff and acne; healing up ingrown hairs; and moisturizing hair, too (some of the reviews call to mind Windex and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding").

The one thing to know going in is that neem oil has an earthy, slightly divisive smell, so it's at its best when you mix just a few drops into your shampoo or something like castor, argan, or avocado oil, especially combined with an essential oil. That small amount of neem is enough to trigger a "major difference in growth" and leave your hair silky, shoppers write.

"I can't say that I have ever had a better product for my hair issues," one person concludes — and at 42 percent off its normal price of $9, you can't do better.

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