Call your braider ASAP!

If there's anyone who's going to give you the summer hairstyle inspiration you need, you better believe it's going to be none other than Tracee Ellis Ross.

Aside from showing her Instagram followers how to use Pattern products to create gorgeous natural hairstyles on an almost weekly basis, Ross has been having a lot of fun with braids as of late, and her newest look is perfect for warmer weather.

Tracee Ellis Ross Chunky Butt-Length Braids
Credit: Getty Images

The actress and businesswoman first debuted her chunky cornrows on Mar. 24 via Instagram, simply captioning the photo, "BRAIDS & DENIM ~ today."

But the look was so nice, she had to post it twice — and this time she gave us a whole new view of the style, wearing a '70s-inspired red hot outfit with a red lip to match.

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This look is perfect for summer, not only because it gets your curls up and out of your face, but since these are jumbo braids, they're easy to take down. Plus, the styling possibilities are endless.

So go ahead and call your braider ASAP!