This Scalp Scrub Got Rid of All My Braid Buildup 'Without' Drying TF Out of My Natural Hair

And it's less than $10.

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I have a love-hate relationship with scalp scrubs.

On one hand, I love the idea of them. But on the other, so many of them have been hell for me to use.

First off, when scalp scrubs first became a thing a few years back, most of them weren't formulated for natural hair (what else is new?). When I would test them, it would feel nice to use a physical exfoliant on my scalp, but the process of washing it out was like trying to get sand out of your hair. On top of that, I typically found the ingredients to be super drying, which made me not want to bother with them at all.

It wasn't until I tried TPH by Taraji's Never Salty Sugar Hair & Scalp Scrub in late 2019 that I realized this type of product could actually work for my hair type at all (thank you for crafting an amazing formula, queen).

And I've finally found another product that works great, and left my hair feeling surprisingly soft: Neutrogena's Healthy Scalp Hydro Boost Scalp Scrub with Hyaluronic Acid.

I had high expectations for this product when I first decided to test it out. I just took out my braids the night before, which meant I had some buildup to get through. On top of that, the Harry and Meghan interview was going to air in a little over an hour. So this thing had to actually work — and it had to work quick.

I started off by sectioning my hair and applying it directly to my roots. Next, I went in with my fingers and worked it in, using circular motions.

scalp scrub

To shop: $9;

My first thought was that the scrub felt really, really nice against my scalp. The second was that the light, clean fragrance was another great touch.

When it came time to rinse, I was expecting to be standing there for awhile. Surprisingly, the scrub washed right out with minimal effort.

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Since I'm a Virgo and always aim for perfection, I examined my scalp in the mirror to see if this scrub actually did what it was supposed to do.

To my surprise, it did.

On top of that, my roots felt unbelievably soft. Like, I noticed a stark difference between my new growth and the rest of my hair. (For context: this rarely ever happens when I use mainstream haircare products.)

So I guess it's fair to say, Neutrogena's Healthy Scalp Hydro Boost Scalp Scrub with Hyaluronic Acid is really that girl.

Good to Go used to be the column where we'd share the beauty products we can't travel without. But while travel's off the table, we'll be focusing on products that make us feel good in quarantine. This month, why I'm obsessed with Neutrogena's Healthy Scalp Hydro Boost Scalp Scrub with Hyaluronic Acid.

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