Honestly, this year was already damaging enough.

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How to Create Holiday Hairstyles on Natural Hair Without Using Heat

Although it may not feel like it just yet, the holidays are still creeping right around the corner. And while large gatherings with your family and friends won't be a thing this year, don't underestimate the number of Zoom invites that'll probably start rolling in for you in the next few weeks.

So, yes, it's time to start thinking about what you're going to be doing with your hair, woman!

But seeing as this year has been damaging enough to our souls, let's at least spare our hair by putting the hot tools aside for a moment and exploring a few styles that can be crafted using no heat at all — no matter your length or texture.

All Curls To the Side

This hairstyle appears to be super involved, but lucky for us — it's not. Simply start off by cleansing your hair and applying your styler of choice. Then you'll want to divide your freshly washed, damp curls into sections, and fish them into the Curlformers. Once you're done, let it air dry overnight, remove the Curlformers, and voila! Well, almost.

To finish up the style, use a few bobby pins to bring your curls over to one side, then add in your favorite clips, or other hair accessories, for your own personal touch.

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Play Up Your Plaits

Be a hair chameleon, just like Taraji P. Henson, this holiday. And yes, that includes anyone who currently has in braids. Take a break from wearing them down, and instead flip them up into a top knot like the star. Whether or not you want to lay down your baby hairs is up to you.

Big Blowouts

Most of the time, giving yourself a blowout requires both heat and friction. But you can skip the former if you follow natural hair vlogger JeanetteJBeauty's lead. Start off by washing your hair, adding in a leave-in conditioner, then dividing your hair into four sections. Once you're done, braid each part (so four braids in total), and let the hair air-dry overnight. When you wake up, use a soft bristle brush to brush out each section, and enjoy your big, beautiful hair.

Play with your part, or add some glitzy clips from scünci for a little extra sparkle.

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Twisted Pin-Up

While chunky twists may be that girl when you're looking to speed up wash day, homie comes in pretty handy when you need to create a quick holiday style, too! Simply part your hair on either side, then do a few flat chunk twists to frame your face. In the back, you can do around four to six more regular twists, depending on how thick your hair is. When you're done, pin the twists to the back, then add some clips, or a headband, to complete the look.

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TWA Magic

If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that being at the TWA length is nothing but a blessing. Less hair = less time = less stress. But, of course, there are moments when it can also feel like you have less styling options. Thankfully, a cute twist-out can always save the day. Just ask Sanaa Lathan.

It's Art, Baby

Turn your baby hairs into grown-ass women by transforming them into literal art, like Tracee Ellis Ross. Simply take the star's Edge Control and Edge Tool, both from her haircare line Pattern, and use the tool's brush, comb, and pointed end to lay, shape, and mold your edges into whatever shape you like.

pattern edge control
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pattern edge tool
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Bold Braids

If you follow Alicia Keys, then honey, you know that woman loves a braid — and so do we! Mimic the singer's look by using your favorite gel and slicking your hair down, then add in some silver or gold rope (which you may have left over from gift wrapping!) around the base of the braid, as well as to the hair as you create your plait. Whether or not you use extra hair to add length is up to you, but this look is a knockout either way.

gold rope
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Flexi Curls

Honestly, thank God for flexi-rods, because they can literally save the day overnight. Start off with freshly washed hair and grab your favorite styler, and/or light mousse. Divide your hair up into as many sections as you'd like, then wrap your hair around individual rods and let your hair air dry overnight (but if you're really in a pickle, I guess you can go under the hooded dryer for a bit). The next day, simply remove the flexi-rods, pick out your hair at the roots, and you're ready to keep that Zoom video on.

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