The team created over 40 wigs in six days.

By Kayla Greaves
Jul 14, 2021 @ 12:01 pm

While yesterday's Emmy nominations have some TV lovers cheering from the rooftops, others weren't so happy with the list of nominees — or rather, who was left out. Namely, Beyoncé's 2020 Disney+ film Black Is King.

The visual album made waves last year for the way in which it showcased the beauty of Blackness. And fans quickly found themselves enamored with the hairstyles in Black Is King immediately after it premiered last summer.

Twitter Is Coming For the Emmys After the Hairstyling in 'Black Is King' Was Snubbed
Credit: Disney+

Bey's longtime hairstylist Neal Farinah was the lead stylist behind the magnificent looks, taking inspiration from ancestral styles across the continent of Africa. But what makes his work even more impressive, is the fact that he, along with a team of other extraordinary hairstylists including Xia Charles, Safiya Warner, and Kendra Garvey, created over 40 wigs for the project in just six days.

"I reached out to my manager, who I love and trust so much. I told her to go on social media and find the most phenomenal Black hairstylists. Send them my way and send them to my salon in the morning — and tell them to come ready to work," Farinah told Cosmopolitan in Aug. 2020. "I'm not going to lie, like I said, I spoke to Beyoncé Tuesday night and I had all the hairstylists at my salon on Wednesday — because she wanted this done by Friday!"

Twitter Is Coming For the Emmys After the Hairstyling in 'Black Is King' Was Snubbed
Credit: Disney+

If you've seen the film and have taken in the intricacies of each style, then you know the work speaks for itself. So when the 2021 Emmy nominees were announced and Black Is King was no where to be found, people weren't happy about it — and they decided to voice their grievances on Twitter.

However, some decided to flip the script and share that while an Emmy nom would have been nice, Queen Bey doesn't need the validation.

Regardless of how you feel about the Emmy nominations (and/or snubs), Black Is King is visual a masterpiece. But lucky for us, we can all still enjoy streaming it on Disney+.