Turning Your Baby Hairs Into a Work of Art Is Always a Good Idea

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ALL NATURAL: Turn Your Baby Hairs Into a Work of Art for Your Holiday Zoom Party
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Black girls and baby hairs go together like white on rice, and it is truly a blessing.

On top of being able to craft and mold our hair into styles can literally defy the laws of gravity, we also get to create works of art as we lay down our edges using a hard toothbrush (preferably unused) and some gel.

But even though this decade (the 2020s are really on one) thinks it can ruin everything, sis cannot and will not take the joy of doing our hair away from us.

So if you're ready to take your baby hair game to the next level, let celebrity hairstylist and co-founder of Flawless by Gabrielle Union, Larry Sims, along with fellow celeb stylist Nai'Vasha, teach you how to craft the baby hairs of your dreams — regardless of your hair texture.

What Tools and Products Do I Need to Create Artistic Edges?

While a hard brush or fresh toothbrush can work just fine, Sims suggests using an edge brush to craft unique looks. "It should have brush bristles for direction, a comb, and a pointy tip for definition," he shares with InStyle.

We love Pattern's Edge Tool, which offers everything the hairstylist is into.

edge tool

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You will also need a strong hold gel or edge control. Good thing Flawless by Gabrielle Union has a great one available now.


To shop: $7; amazon.com

This product not only helps to lay down baby hairs, but it also contains rice oil and biotin to help repair thinning edges.

How Do I Create the Perfect Swoops and Swirls?

While things may seem intimidating at first, Sims is here to reassure you that it's truly not as bad as it seems — it just takes a little practice. But just remember: your edges, your rules.

"It's all in the wrist," he explains. "It's important for you to have fluidity and looseness in the wrist. What's great about baby hairs is that there are no rules. You can create whatever desired shape and direction with your wrist."

styling baby hairs
Courtesy of Nai'Vasha

Generally, you want to start off by applying your edge control to the hair, then brush them forward. Afterwards, use the tool to shape them however you'd like. "I suggest following the hairline's natural shape and finding a pattern that's comfortable for you," Nai'Vasha says.

Is It Safe to Add Hair Accessories?

If you want to add rhinestones around your edges, then go for it. Just be mindful of what adhesive you're using.

"My preference is to use hair glue, specifically wig lace glue," Sims shares. "I will put the glue on a wooden pointy tip and then to apply to rhinestones upside down or on its flat surface. I then take the rhinestones and place them on the hair, wherever I want."

Nai'Vasha is a fan of Got 2 B Glued.

baby hair styling

To shop: $5; walmart.com

When it comes to removal, Sims suggests using a little rubbing alcohol to safety take down any hair accessories. Nai'Vasha adds that water does the trick when working with gel.

VIDEO: Alicia Keys' Baby Hairs Are a Literal Work of Art

What Should Those With Thick, Coily Hair Keep in Mind?

"The best technique for thicker hair is to use a minimal amount of hair to create your magic," says Nai'Vasha.

You also want to make sure you're using a gel or edge control that will provide enough hold. Creme of Nature's Argan Oil Perfect Edges Extra Hold should do the trick.

styling baby hair

To shop: $9; walmart.com

Afterwards, Sims suggests tying the hair down with a silk wrap or paper styling strips. Once the hair is dry, your edges should stay in place for the day.

I Have Thin Edges, Should I Avoid Doing Anything With My Baby Hairs?

"If you have thinner edges, I suggest styling them into the hairline," Sims suggests. "For example, with Alicia Keys, I will pull her hair outwards and away from her face, because she has bountiful head of hair and edges. With individuals with thinner edges, I recommend leaning into the hairlines versus away."

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