Finally, a Product Line Made Specifically for 4C Hair Has Arrived

And it's Black-owned, baby!

4C Only Haircare
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While more and more Black women continue to embrace, celebrate, and help to normalize natural hair, there is one texture that's still often excluded: 4C.

For far too long, this coily hair type has been labeled with arbitrary terms like "bad" and "unmanageable," yet there's no scientific basis for any of these claims. Those who were blessed with this gorgeous hair type just haven't been provided with the right tools or products to work with.

However, things are about to change — and thankfully it's finally for the better. Meet 4C Only, a haircare brand designed specifically for coily hair textures.

"We created 4C Only as a brand that targets one specific texture that tends to not get proper care and products it needs in society," Alicia Ferguson, 4C Only's chief marketing officer shared in a statement. "From product selection to ads and social media content, 4C Only is here to highlight, support. and amplify the voices of those with 4C textures."

4c only

The product line consists of four key products: Too Clean Shampoo, Too Thicke Deep Conditioner, Too Soft Leave-in Conditioner, and Too Slick Styling Cream, all of which smash the stereotype that 4C hair requires a slew of products to somehow look presentable.

"I know first-hand the troubles of trying to find the right product that will properly hydrate my 4C hair," Ferguson adds. "Products claim to work for all hair types, and the reality is that they really don’t."

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What makes this product line unique is that it targets the specific needs of 4C hair, which is mainly moisture and hydration.

The Too Clean Shampoo offers cleansing, but also includes aloe vera and argan oil for nourishment.

Too Thicke Deep Conditioner helps provide deep moisture by adding organic grape seed oil to the formulation as well as squalene for extra shine. Both ingredients also provide slip to make detangling a breeze.

Hair stays conditioned long after wash day with the help of the Too Soft Leave-in Conditioner, which features slippery elm, and also doubles as a heat protectant.

Finally, the Too Slick Styling Cream is a thick, rich styler that penetrates the hair shaft. It's also made with carnauba wax to help keep frizz at bay.

4C Only's four-piece bundle retails for $79.99 and will be available on Nov. 19, exclusively at

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