This Is the Only Hair Tie You'll Ever Need to Create the Curly Ponytail of Your Dreams

No pulling, no snagging, and most importantly, no breakage.

Curly Hair Pony Tail Hair Tie
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Alright naturals, raise your hands if you've ever attempted to throw all that hair into a ponytail or bun and failed miserably.

Yeah, me too.

Truth is, the density of our hair can sometimes give "simple" styling a whole new meaning, especially since many elastics and hair ties weren't made with thick, lucious curls in mind. But you know what? That's perfectly fine, because it's 2020 and we've got options, baby.

So you can go ahead and toss out those flimsey hair ties that snap after the second time you wrap them around your hair. And make sure you get rid of the ones causing breakage while you're at it too.

There's finally ponytail holder that was created with all hair textures in mind, and trust me, you're going to be obsessed.

Pulleez Plus is the one hair tie every natural needs to have on deck. They're perfect for creating buns, afro puffs, pineapples, and a plethora of other styles — all without pulling and snagging or snapping off your hair.

Natural Hair Ponytail

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To create your style, simply use a spray bottle filled with water to damped the parameter of the area you want to put up, then use your favorite gel to help lay the hair down. Next, use a hard brush to slick your hair in an upward motion, wrap the Pulleez around your hair (only once), then squeeze the knob and pull it up to tighten. Adjust your curls as needed, then voila.

Each ponytail holder also includes charms at the end, which you can either tuck in, or use to enhance your style.

Now that you know how to use it, let's get into all the looks you can create using this awesome little accessory, shall we?

Afro Puffs

Ciara 2019 Met Gala Afro Puffs
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If you want to rock rough and stuff with your Afro puffs, part your hair down the middle into two sections, grab a couple Pulleez, and follow the directions above. For an added touch, grab a clean toothbrush and lay down your baby hairs like Ciara at the 2019 Met Gala.

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Low Pony

Yara Shahidi Pony Tail - Yara Shahidi 2017 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet
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A fluffy low pony is one look that never goes out of style. Customize yours by switching up the placement of your part, because as Instagram's favorite mom Tabitha Brown says, that's your business.

Half Up, Half Down

Zendaya Half Up Half Down Hair - Half Up Half Down Celebrity Hair - Zendaya 55th New York Film Festival -
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Can't decide whether you want your hair to be up or down? You don't have to. Simply take a page out of Zendaya's book, instead. For an added touch, wrap your own strands around the hair tie for an au natural finish.

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