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It shouldn't come as a surprise to hear that the behind-the-scenes action at Miss USA 2016 was a non-stop event in and of itself. We're still talking about it!

There were impressive wardrobe and hair changes done in four minutes flat, a buzzing crew of outstanding makeup and hair artists (representing CHI and The Perfect Face) doing "during the commercials" touch ups, and the truly remarkable, #confidentlybeautiful 52 women competing for the crown.


Before the frenzy of the live show, though, we got the chance to hang out with the stylists, makeup artists, and competing women in a more relaxed environment. It was then that we were able to sit down with Peyton Brown, also known as Miss Alabama (props to her for placing in the top five), and CHI's global artistic director, Patrick Kalle.

What you saw on stage was Miss Alabama's done-up hair, which looked nothing short of gorgeous, of course. What may surprise you, though, is that she naturally has very curly hair. Like, very, very curly. When she came into the hair and makeup station at Saturday's dress rehearsal, she was sporting her natural texture, and we fell in love with how much she embraced — and totally rocked — all that curl.

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"In middle school and early high school, I hated my curly hair, so I straightened it all the time," she told us. "Now, I wear it curly all the time. It's nice to have options now."

When asked about how she tackles frizz, she said, "It's naturally frizzy. There's no stopping the frizz. I just embrace it now."

When wearing it really curly, she says she pulls it half back to reduce some of the volume in the front and pull it away from her face.

"She's a lucky girl," said Kalle about Miss Alamba's thick, curly texture. We think so, too.