Michelle Obama's Inauguration Hairstyle Is a Breath of Fresh Air

Go head, Ms. Miche.

Queen Michelle Obama owes us absolutely nothing, yet she continues to give, and give, and give.

And the inauguration of President-Elect Joe Biden is no exception.

Michelle Obama Inauguration Beauty
Getty Images

Coming out in an all-purple ensemble by Sergio Hudson, Obama gave us beauty, she gave us bundles, and she gave us one hell of a blowout that we will never ever forget.

Do you see that shine? The bounce? The side part? The volume? Woo!

All thanks to the work of the divine Yene Damtew, Obama's longtime hairstylist.

Michelle Obama classic blowout wavy bob hairstyle
Getty Images

While Obama's looks making our jaws drop isn't anything new, this particular style is a stark contrast to the slick middle part bun she wore to former President Donald Trump's inauguration in Jan. 2017.

So this latest hairstyle, if nothing else, symbolizes a breath of fresh air and a mark that we're entering a beautiful new era.

And of course, with a look this good, it's only right for Twitter to make it into a moment.


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