By Michelle Guerrere
Updated May 21, 2016 @ 11:30 am
Credit: instagram / ashleytisdale

Ashley Tisdale has been quite the hair chameleon lately, first showcasing stunning rose gold-tinted locks that her hairstylist suggested—and now chopping her strands into a chic lob. The first wave of change happened when she requested that her hair look like it had an Instagram filter on it in everyday life. "It legitimately came from the way blonde hair looks when there's a rose filter on a photo," Tisdale's hairstylist Kristin Ess told People. "Only AT wanted it to look like that all day everyday. We've both mentioned how great blonde hair looks with that particular filter and agreed it would look gorgeous in real life! But technically I came up with 'Rose Filter IRL.' But only because I have to give every color and every braid a name."

And then just last night, Tisdale shared a photo on Instagram of a shorter 'do from stylist Priscilla Valles, saying: "Got that blunt cut from my girl @priscillavalles." The black-and-white filter makes it hard to tell how the new hue and lob look together, but it's definitely something to see. For now, we'll just keep hitting refresh.