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There isn't a hair sin that a super-nourishing mask can't fix, but let's be honest—sometimes, we're simply too lazy to slap on a hair mask and wait the full 20 minutes for it to work. We occasionally have the same attitude with face masks, but in that arena, the sheet-based masks make the whole cleanup routine a lot less fussy. Imagine our excitement when we heard that sheet masks for your hair were officially a thing. Like most cutting-edge beauty innovations, hair sheet masks are already big in Korea, but thanks to Masqueology, the trend is coming stateside.

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Available in hydrating, damage-repairing, and volumizing options, each hair mask fits on your head in a simlar way to a shower cap, and comes loaded with a self-heating conditioning creme guaranteed to cure what ails you. After you've shampooed your hair, ring out the excess water, slip the hair mask on, and tighten it so you don't lose any product. Massage it into your hair for a hot second, then let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes while you shave your legs or soak in the tub. You'll feel it get slightly warmer as the ingredients take effect. Pick up the masks starting in January for $2.50 a pop at and Wal-Mart outposts nationwide while we officially dub 2017 the year of good hair.