Brunettes, take note.
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Mandy Moore
Credit: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Anyone who goes blonde knows one thing to be true: they're in for a high-maintenance, expensive hair color. Getting your roots regularly touched-up and preventing your color from getting yellow and brassy with fancy purple shampoo is hard on your wallet and a major time suck.

But the struggle to keep your hair color looking as fresh as it did when you got out of stylist's chair isn't a problem that's unique to blondes. Brown hair can get dull and brassy, too. Yet somehow, Mandy Moore, who arguably has one of the best dark chocolate brown hair shades in Hollywood, manages to keep her hair rich and shiny between appointments with her colorist.

So, when InStyle jumped on the phone with Moore earlier this fall to get the details on her must-have beauty products and routine, we couldn't help but ask what she does to maintain her chocolate brown hair. And it turns out the Garnier ambassador has secretly been using a new product from the brand ahead of its launch.

"Garnier has a new product about to hit the shelves called the Color Reviver, and I've gotten to try it," Moore told InStyle. "It’s like a color-care mask. I put on the chestnut brown color and it helps keep my hair from getting brassy, and instantly refreshes my color. I’ve been waiting for something like this that’s easy and I can do myself at home, while knowing I’m not going to mess anything up. It’s made my hair look shiny, healthy, and less brassy from being out in the sun."

Now available, the Color Reviver works by depositing tones into your exsisting hair color to cancel out that brassy redness brunette shades are prone to getting from the sun, heat tools, or styling products. It's also infused with nutrients to hydrate hair, which helps to boost shine.

To use, simply work the mask into your clean, damp hair post-shampoo, let it soak in for five to ten minutes, and then rinse it out.

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Thanks to this hot tip from Moore, brunettes can now brag to their blonde friends about how easy it is to keep their hair color looking so damn good.

Garnier's Color Reviver is available for $7 at Walmart and It will land in drug, food, and mass-market retailers and online at in January 2020.