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Loreal Wonder Water
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It's been over 100 days since I had my hair cut and colored, but who's counting?

In the grand scheme of things, my split ends and grown-out roots really don't matter at all. But, with no clear timeline of when life will start to feel "normal" again, taking my haircut and color into my own hands gives me a sense of control amid the chaos.

I have already trimmed my bangs (twice) but I'm now considering doing what most hairstylists and colorists would tell me not to do: color and trim my own hair. I'm not stressed out over the outcome of a DIY haircut or dye session. However, I am scared my that both colorist and stylist will be mad at me when I finally get back into their chairs, because they'll have to fix my messed up hair.

Instead, I have been trying a number of hair treatments to reset my dull, brassy shade brown color and the dry scraggly ends of my once shaggy bob.

But with nowhere to go, I have more time to let color-depositing hair masks and leave-in conditioners marinate in my hair, but I still have no patience in quarantine. That's why L'Oreal Paris' Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water ended up in my shower after I went on drugstore run for essentials.

The in-shower treatment launched earlier this year to a ton of hype because it makes hair visibly more silky and shiny in just eight seconds. Basically, this treatment for shampoo commercial-worthy hair works quicker than watching an actual shampoo commercial.

Like its name implies, the liquid treatment looks like water, but it's formulated with moisturizing agents, amino acids, and lamellar water technology. The lamellar technology only targets the areas of your hair that need the most TLC to smooth these spots without weighing down the rest of your hair.

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The recommended usage for Wonder Water is two to three times a week. After shampooing your hair, squirt a dose of Wonder Water from the pre-measured bottle onto your mid-lengths and massage it through your hair for eight seconds (there's a warming sensation, which is totally supposed to happen). For, me that's my mid-lengths to ends because of all the heat-styling I use do to pre-social distancing.

Then, simply rinse it out. You can also follow up with conditioner if you think your hair needs it.

This treatment is just my speed, because I don't have to awkwardly stand in my shower while I wait for it to work its magic on my hair. Most importantly, Wonder Water made my damaged hair look visibly healthier in just once use. Post-shower, I spritzed a heat protectant on my damp hair (I never skip this step even if I do a moisturizing hair treatment) and blow-dried it. My hair was unbelievably shiny and hadn't felt so silky in months.

Unsurprisingly, the instant results is why Wonder Water has become so popular in just a few months. According to L'Oréal and Nielson, one bottle of Wonder Water has sold every minute this year — so far.

Oh, the $10 price tag doesn't hurt, too.

L'Oreal At-Home Hair Treatment for Damaged Hair
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