By Marissa DeSantis
Updated Jun 16, 2016 @ 3:30 pm
Dry Haircut
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Some things are just flat out better dry. Dry shampoo? We can never seem to get enough. Dry wine? Ditto. And as it turns out, if you want a better haircut, a dry cut is exactly what you need to request before your next visit to the salon. "Dry cutting is perfect for someone who wants perfectly imperfect hair,” Lauren + Vanessa Salon co-owner Vanessa Ungaro tells us. Which basically means if you want to master that model-off-duty look, dry cutting is for you. Ahead, Ungaro breaks down the benefits and the rules of the dry cut so you can enjoy better hair days this summer and beyond.

The Process

It might totally freak you out to stray from the shampoo, cut, blow-dry system you've been following since your first trip to the salon, but a dry cut still gives you all of the same steps. Starting with your consultation, your stylist will have your hair shampooed and conditioned before blowing your hair dry and finally giving you the cut you discussed earlier. If you're going for color as well, colorist (and salon co-owner) Lauren E. Hack insists the same rules you've always known apply. "If you're taking a lot of length off then you should [have your hair] cut first," she says. "Otherwise, cutting your hair after the color is preferred."

It's a Time Saver

If you're a busy mom or someone who is always on-the-go, you'll be happy to know that dry cutting shaves a solid 15 minutes off of your salon visit since your stylist doesn't have to go back in with the scissors for touch ups after your blow dry.

Your Stylist Will Never Go Too Short

We've all been there—we've left the salon with a cut that wasn't quite what we had in mind. Whether your finished haircut is a little longer than you wanted (or worse, much shorter), Ungaro says dry cutting eliminates this problem because you can actually see what the end result will look like as it's happening. "Water weighs down the hair," which makes it look longer, Ungaro explains. With a dry cut, there are no inaccuracies of the hair so "the stylist doesn't cut off more than they should."

You're Able to Get a More Customized Look

Since a dry cut allows your stylist work with your hair's natural movement and texture, you're able to get a more customized look and one that you can actually recreate once you get home. "It's a more direct technique because by tailoring the haircut while dry, I'm able to address things like annoying cowlicks and add details like face-framing angles," Ungaro explains. If you have fine hair, your stylist is able to work with any natural bends to create the illusion of more volume and if your hair is thicker or on the curlier side, your stylist can take away some of that bulk. "This way when you're out, no matter which way the wind blows your hair will look amazing."

It Gives Your Color a Boost

"You can accentuate the color of the hair with dry cutting," Ungaro explains to us. Especially beneficial for highlighted hair, your stylist will actually be able to see the color as they're cutting (as opposed to the color blending in or looking darker when wet) to give your color more dimension.

Your Favorite Celeb is Probably a Fan

Ever wonder how celebrities like Kylie Jenner manage to switch up their hair so often but make it look so convincing every time? "Most celebs who have extensions in their hair are having a dry haircut," Ungaro says. With so many celebrities opting for extensions or full-on wigs, the dry cut allows them to get a customized (read more natural) look without getting the fake hair wet.