The Next Big Hair Trend Is the Complete Opposite of the Bob

January Jones
Photo: bridgetbragerhair/Instagram

Imagine a time when the bob isn't the most popular haircut of the moment. It seems impossible, considering every celebrity from Taraji P. Henson to Bella Hadid gave the chin-grazing length a try this year, but trends fade and change, and the next big "it" style is basically the complete and total opposite of the look that owned 2017.

At least that's what Herbal Essences celebrity stylist Bridget Brager predicts. We chatted with the pro who calls January Jones and Kate Bosworth her regular clients shortly after she was anointed the exciting role, and her thoughts will have you canceling your next salon appointment.

"Most of my clients and what I'm seeing is people really wanting super long hair," Brager says. "It's not really a haircut trend, but it's going against the structured thing that we've been doing as far as shape goes."

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So basically, expect a lot more Kim Kardashian West "Cher-Hair" moments. In fact, Brager says the biggest question she's getting right now from her clients is what kind of supplements they should be taking, which only solidifies her prediction.

"I think people really want their hair long and beautiful. I know a lot of my clients do."

But that doesn't mean your bob or lob is going to totally disappear—plan on seeing the popular cuts evolve. "With the lobs and the bobs, it's a square cut that we then go in and loosen up by taking out weight here and there," she says.

This will show up in new bangs and more layers below the cheekbones, similar to the shag cut January Jones is wearing.

"It's more about focusing on what's happening around your face with the cut."

As for the styling bottles and tubes you should have on your shelf, Brager has plenty of suggestions—the guru starts off every hairstyle with a foundation of product. She loves the Herbal Essences Soft Control Creme Gel ($6; to control frizz in damp hair, and also scrunches it into hair to create beach waves. Fun fact: Herbal Essences was one of the beauty brands she was allowed to by when she was 14.

And like music to our ears, she says a dry shampoo is vital—Brager swears by the Herbal Essences Bio Renew Revitalize Cucumber & Green Tea Dry Shampoo ($6; "Yes, it's a dry shampoo, and it works fabulous for that, but I use it for texture in the hair. It's so good mid-length to ends."

So there's your excuse to press the snooze button and skip out on today's wash and heat styling.

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