By Erin Lukas
Updated Jun 21, 2019 @ 11:45 am
Hilary Duff Long Bangs
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Much like signing a lease for a new apartment or being suckered into an expensive gym membership, getting bangs is a big commitment. They have to regularly be trimmed, styled daily, and they make your forehead breakout when they get sweaty.

For anyone who's spent months considering bangs, this summer is going to be when you finally just go for it. Long bangs are shaping up to be one of this season's biggest hair trends, and they're one of the few low-maintenance types of bangs.

The '70s-inspired cut has been a favorite of bang-enthusiast Alexa Chung for years, but the look got on our radar again when Nikki Lee, celebrity hairstylist and co-owner of Nine Zero One Salon in LA gave Hilary Duff long, center-parted, feathery bangs this spring.

"It’s a big change with little commitment," Lee tells us. "When you commit to a full bang, if you don’t like it, you’re kind of stuck with it until it grows out. When you do a long curtain bang, it’s easy to style and it’s an easy grow out."

While these long bangs look slightly different than curtain bangs, another popular retro style, they're all in the same — it's just how you style them. Lee says that movement or waves as seen on Duff will showcase the layers of the cut and give it a '70s summer vibe. If you go sleeker, they'll look more like curtain bangs.

When you're styling long bangs, Lee suggests prepping the hair with IN COMMON Magic Mist Universal Elixir, a heat protectant that also strengthens hair. Use a two-inch round brush to blow out your bangs away from your face to create the '70s feathered look, and finish by spritzing them with a bit of hairspray to lock them in place.

VIDEO: Hilary Duff Just Got the ’70s Haircut You’re About to See Everywhere This Summer

Since these bangs are on the longer side, they work well with a number of face shapes and hair types. "Short bangs are for people with straighter/wavy hair because if you have curly hair they’re harder," explains Lee. "This is a good in-between for everyone."

Once you've taken a deep breath and decide to make that salon appointment, bring in reference photos for your stylist so that you're on the same page, and you get your dream cut.

In the meantime, keep scrolling to see some of our favorite ways celebrities are wearing their long bangs.

Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves
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Nicole Richie
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Alexa Chung
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Jennifer Lopez
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