Jennifer Aniston's Leave-In Conditioner Is Solving My Cold-Weather Frizz Struggles

Further proof she knows a thing or two about good hair days.

As far as new celebrity beauty brands go, the limit does not exist. That said, while 2021 will definitely go down as the year that seemingly every star launched their own line, some of them are extremely on brand, like Jennifer Aniston's haircare line, LolaVie.

Next to her starring roles in TV and film, Aniston is known for having decades worth of good hair days and has prior experience partnering with haircare brands on creating products. Her hair has inspired countless cuts across the country (including the one I had in high school). Needless to say, I'm willing to try, and buy, whatever she's selling.

After launching with the multipurpose Glossing Detangler in September, LolaVie recently came out with the Perfecting Leave-In. This hydrating treatment promises to fight frizz, smooth, repair, and protect hair from heat damage. Like the brand's first product, the Perfecting Leave-In is vegan, cruelty-free, and made from 99% natural ingredients.

LolaVie Perfecting Leave-In

To shop: $29;

My hair is relatively low maintenance, but I experience frizz regularly because it's thick and leans more on the dry side. And while a solid leave-in conditioner can help with that, many formulas are a little too hydrating, leaving my hair weighed down and a bit greasy.

One pump of LolaVie's Leave-In is enough for my medium-length hair. After towel-drying, I like to work it through my mid-lengths to ends, which is where I have the most dryness and damage from regular heat styling. Then, I run a detangling brush through my strands, from roots to ends to completely distribute the product, and finish with a blow dry.

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After it's dry, my hair is soft, smooth, and most importantly stays that way even after I style it and go out in the dry cool New York air.

Once again, Aniston has proven she knows a thing or two about hair.

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