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The number one hang-up I have with my thick, straight hair is how much work it takes to get it to look effortlessly wavy. Sure, spritzing wave spray on damp, clean hair and letting it air dry into loose bends is, in fact, easy in theory. But, whenever I try this route my strands usually wind up looking as puffy as the loofah I have hanging in my shower.

Usually I resort to heat-styling, which is tough on hair and tacks on at least an extra 15 minutes onto my styling routine. Since I have the habit of hitting snooze on my alarm once (or twice) every morning, I don’t reach for my flat iron and curling wand all that often. The solution for my lifeless hair and laziness: Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day In-Shower Styler.

The lightweight styling cream is meant to be stored in your shower alongside your shampoo and conditioner. After washing your hair, simply coat hair from roots to ends with the product and lightly rinse it out. It’s enriched with a thickening molecule, magnetic texturizers, and lightweight conditioners that are activated with the excess product that’s left behind on strands. Post-shower towel-dry hair and scrunch it to create undone waves, or braid it or tie it up in buns. It's easy, but there is a catch: the formula is best suited for straight to moderately wavy hair.

Since I have extremely straight hair, the scrunching method just added extra body and movement to my usual texture. But when I used the styler in the shower and braided my hair in two French braids, I got beachy waves that looked like I just stepped out of the water without any of the crunchiness or stickiness that can come with using wavy sprays.

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I’m usually disappointed with hair products that sound too good to be true, but this In-Shower Styler is a welcome exception.