I Didn't Wash My Hair for a Week Thanks to This Dry Shampoo From a Jennifer Aniston-Approved Brand

Its formula mimics the cleanse of a regular shampoo.

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Living Proof Dry Shampoo Review
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Whenever I'm invited somewhere, there's one thing I consider above all else: Where will I be in my hair-washing schedule? You see, I actually hate washing my hair. As a beauty editor, I have an extensive haircare routine that takes ample time, which means I try to stick to a manageable, once-every-three-days washing schedule. During the pandemic, I even stretched those three days to six or seven (and admittedly, on one occasion, 10).

As the world reopened, though, it was difficult to go back to my pre-pandemic shampooing frequency, and I found myself in dire need of a good dry shampoo that would last longer than two or three days. I tried a handful of options, but nothing worked for me until Living Proof's Perfect Hair Day Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo. I was already a fan of the volume and texture spray from the Jennifer Aniston- and Lily Collins-approved brand, so I figured I'd love the dry shampoo just as much — and I did.

Perfect hair Day (PhD) Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo

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The secret behind the dry shampoo's long-lasting formula is that it's actually meant to cleanse like a regular shampoo instead of just adding powder to hair, like so many others. Beyond absorbing oil, it's effective at removing sweat and odor, too, and it doesn't stop at mimicking the effects of a shampoo; it also offers some serious conditioning benefits, like softness and shine. The best part is that the Living Proof dry shampoo balances the scalp's sebum levels, which is why it helps users go even longer between washes.

With all that talk, I was excited to put Living Proof's dry shampoo to the test. So, four days after washing, I sectioned my hair and spritzed away, then massaged the powder into my locks to fully absorb all the grime. I looked in the mirror and was honestly taken aback — my hair didn't just look presentable, but it looked damn good. I headed to a work event, and when a fellow beauty editor asked if I'd gotten a blowout that day, I knew I'd found a winner — and it's been the secret to my once-a-week shampoos ever since.

See how long you can go between washes by grabbing Living Proof's Perfect Hair Day Advanced Clean from Amazon or Nordstrom.

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