This $32 Biotin-Infused Shampoo Cut Down My Hair Shedding and Relieved My Itchy Scalp

I’m not anxious about washing my hair anymore.

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Lapcos Shampoo Review
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I've always struggled with an itchy scalp, and in the last year I've experienced more hair shedding than usual too. Not only did washing my hair give me anxiety, but I even had to mentally prepare to see hair fallout after using my wide tooth comb. So, naturally I started looking for a something that tackled both issues with noticeable results — and that's how the Lapcos Dr. 14 Vital Care Shampoo became my holy grail product.

Made with a handful of good-for-your-hair ingredients like biotin, salicylic acid, niacinamide, and panthenol, the dermatologist-tested shampoo works to strengthen hair follicles, stimulate growth and reduce loss, and rebalance your scalp. The Lapcos shampoo always leaves my hair squeaky clean and has relieved my itchy scalp; after using it for three weeks, I've noticed less hair in the drain and can confirm that it does everything it promises to. I especially love that I only have to use a quarter-sized dollop for my thick hair (which is rare), and that it smells a little minty and leaves a refreshing tingle on my scalp.

LAPCOS Dr.14 Vital Care Shampoo

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Since the shampoo is packed with B vitamins (biotin, panthenol, also known as vitamin B5 and niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3), you can rely on it to encourage growth and maintain overall hair health. Board-certified cosmetic dermatologist and hair loss expert Dr. Michele Green previously told InStyle that "B vitamins can be counted on to deliver essential nutrients to the hair and scalp that combat hair thinning and promote healthy, thick, luscious hair growth."

Plus, the punch of salicylic acid is great at tackling multiple hair concerns, from scalp irritation to combating psoriasis and dandruff. "On the hair, it can help remove build-up and debris to make hair appear shinier. As an acid, it can also help lower the pH of products to more closely match the slightly acidic pH of skin and hair and protect against damage," Branden Camp, MD, a board-certified dermatologist of MDCS Dermatology previously told InStyle.

I'm not the only one who has seen good results with the Lapcos Dr. 14 Vital Care Shampoo. Amazon shoppers rave that it's left their hair feeling and looking "100 times healthier," and that it's even "diminished" their hair loss "considerably." "I've been using this for two months now and absolutely love it! My hair feels thicker and I'm losing less every time I wash," one customer wrote. "The shampoo also seems to be stimulating hair growth as my hair seems to have grown longer than usual since I've been using it."

I'm absolutely obsessed with how well the Lapcos shampoo maintains my hair and scalp — see how well it works for yourself and grab a bottle at Amazon.

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