Kourtney Kardashian Tried This Hair Trend Way Before Kim Did

Kim Kardashian may have garnered an insane amount of attention when she revealed her icy platinum hue, as did Kris Jenner, but Kourtney is here to remind us that she was the first Kardashian to go blonde. Twice, in fact—her first time was in high school, and she toyed with the lighter end of the spectrum when she was pregnant with her daughter Penelope.

"I was the original sister with the blonde hair! I was blonde in high school for just like a month, I think it was in 11th grade or something," she told People. "I did have lighter hair when I was pregnant with Penelope, which is probably my least favorite hair I've had."

Though her most recent foray veered more toward caramel than, say, Khloe's platinum ombre, just about anything on a dark base like Kardashian's natural brunette would look dramatic. However, it's not a look she's eager to revisit.

While the rest of her family, with the exception of Kendall, love playing with different tones and ombre effects, Kourt is staying as natural as her outlook on non-toxic beauty products. "I'm just a brow-haired girl. It just suits me. I like my dark hair," she added.

We like it too, Kourtney.

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