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Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

How Kim Kardashian West manages to keep her hair so sleek without an invasion of frizz is a question that’s long baffled us. She might be the queen of the Internet, but she has no control of humidity. Still, she always seems to outsmart the weather.

But it's not just Kardashian who's exhibited this phenomenon—it's basically all of celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton's clients. So, obviously, we went to him to find out his secret weapon for fighting frizz. The product is called Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Sealant ($28; colorwowhair.com), and it's so good that the brand can't keep it on the shelves. Since launching in June, it's sold out three times.

The innovative product coats each hair with a heat-activated waterproof clock that locks the cuticle down and seals moisture in but blocks humidity from wreaking havoc. Dr. Joe Cincotta, the chief chemist for Color Wow, uses the analogy of a water whisking raincoat.

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Appleton reaches for it particularly when he's creating sleek, straight, or wet looks for his clients. "This sealant makes even the most difficult texture look supernaturally glossy and sleek without leaving it greasy. Best of all, hair stays that way for days even in humidity," he says.

In fact, the results are meant to last three days and through a maximum of three shampoos. To use it, spray it on clean damp hair by sections. Then, blow dry to activate the serum and to leave your hair silky smooth and frizz-free. After blow-drying, you can use other heat stylers as you please, so if you're going for a Kim K.W. moment, that'll be a flatiron.

Color Wow's Sealant will restock on November 15, so set your Google alerts and get ready to click "checkout" before all the bottles fly off the shelves again.