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It isn't hard to wax poetic over the countless benefits of an in-salon keratin treatment—if you're constantly changing colors and heat-styling, doing one can mend the damaged areas in your hair shaft, your shine level is significantly increased, and any frizz you once struggled with can be considered a non-issue for at least the next three months. However, if you're not totally willing to break up with your natural texture, a keratin treatment can often prove to be a little too dramatic, not to mention the potential scent-triggered migraine your stylist gets after applying the stuff. Enter the Keratin Complex Personalized Blowout Same-Day Keratin Treatment, which has officially become our favorite for its mix of gentle ingredients, and a totally bespoke finish. "Compared to the traditional treatment, there aren't as many chemicals in this formula—the active ingredient is actually aloe, so it's extra-moisturizing," says hairstylist Juan Vigoya of New York City's Ammon Carver Salon. Not to mention, the treatment smells amazing. No joke, the aroma in the air was more along the lines of a luxe deep conditioner than the medicinal notes of a classic chemical straightener.

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Better yet, this version of keratin won't tamper with your natural texture, provided that you don't want it to, as your stylist can alter the amount of treatment and heat that will be activated over each section. "The flat iron to activate the traditional treatment has to be at 420 degrees or higher, whereas this one can be activated at temperatures between 375 and 450," Vigoya adds. "There are also varying degrees of finishes. The Ultimate Smooth finish is super-sleek, but there are milder versions that reduce frizz, but can keep your hair texture the same." It's also less restrictive, and instead of avoiding shampoo, hair ties, and anything that could deactivate the treatment or cause a crease in the three days that follow, you can pretty much go on with your normal life after leaving the salon. The three-plus month lifespan and aftercare, which requires you to switch to a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner combo, remain unchanged. Find the Keratin Complex Same-Day Customized Treatment at salons starting in May—you know, just in time to not deal with your hair for the entire summer.