Her dramatically lighter hair color is the result of pure boredom.


Quarantine has led celebrities to experiment with many different looks. While semi-permanent pastel pink hair dye or wigs have been a popular choice for stars like Sarah Hyland, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Cardi B, supermodel Kaia Gerber has gone for more permanent changes.

Gerber has given herself a stick-and-poke tattoo, subtle highlights, and now, she's coming out of quarantine as a full-on platinum blonde.

As reported by People on Friday, Gerber was spotted with dramatically lighter hair while out on a smoothie run, and again during a lunch date at dad Randy Gerber's restaurant in Malibu.

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Gerber's journey to platinum blonde began in April when she gave herself DIY highlights at home using the risky method of hydrogen peroxide. She debuted her lighter hair color with an Instagram selfie.

"I recently posted a video on Instagram of Audrey Hepburn cutting her own bangs because I got to the point in quarantine where I was like, I'm either going to cut my hair or dye it," she told Refinery29 in April. "I knew something was going to happen, so I decided to give myself at-home highlights."

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While most colorists won't advise attempting to go from dark brunette to platinum blonde at home, if you do decide to go for it, salons are open now for expert color correction.