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If you’ve double tapped a picture of Khloé Kardashian’s hair on Instagram within the last year, there’s a chance it was the creative genius of Justine Marjan. And ironically, the social media platform where you discovered the artist's celebrity hairstyles is also where she found her first big break assisting hair legend Jen Atkin.

If that doesn’t prove falling down the rabbit hole, perhaps even 62 weeks deep, is a good use of your time, we’re not sure what will. "She posted an ad on Instagram a couple years ago,” Marjan told InStyle at an event for TRESemmé during New York Fashion Week.

"I replied to it and I was just very persistent and thorough and then she ended up hiring me." At that time, Marjan told us Atkin was just starting to think about the launch of Mane Addicts and her product line Ouai and wanted someone who could “wear a lot of hats."

"I had experience with web design and I can write and I can take photos, so it was a really good fit. I wasn’t just a hair assistant. I spent two years doing everything from picking up dry cleaning to going to get groceries to writing stories to doing interviews to literally everything you can think of."

Credit: Courtesy

Eventually, Marjan signed onto the beauty boss' team full time. And considering she is now a TRESemmé Global Ambassador who was the key stylist at several New York Fashion Week shows, a ghd ambassador, and regularly works with the KarJenner family, Shay Mitchell, and Olivia Culpo, you could say Atkin's prodigy found major success.

Social media, though, was key, is something she picked up from Atkin, and also regularly influences her work through the globalization of trends. So if you have dreams of making it as a celebrity stylist and potentially catching the eye of someone who is looking for an assistant, consider sprucing up your account.

"The thing that really sets Jen apart is how much she is willing to change with the times," says Marjan. "She really embraces change and that’s really important in any career to really adapt to whatever is happening in the world and how to adapt to the times and always stay relevant. There are so many great hairdressers and makeup artists and other people in other professions out there that aren’t great at social media, aren’t great at putting themselves out there. I think that now we have such a great platform. We can really sell ourselves better than we have ever been able to before."

One look at the photos of Chrissy Teigen's wrapped ponytail Marjan just posted, and we have a feeling you'll definitely be sold.